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    Default Great House Veranda Rooms

    Do all the Great House Veranda rooms have an Ocean view?

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    We stayed in room 5205, and looking directly out our verandah, you could see buildings and vegetation. If you stood out on the verandah, we had a great view of the beach. Our friends stayed in another room (same type) down the hall, and they had a view of the beach right out their verandah, but they also had a view of the building next door to the resort. This slideshow has a couple pictures of the views from our room:

    Hope this helps!


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    The room descriptions on the accommodations page are very states "rooms with a partial view of the Caribbean sea". This would apply to all rooms in this category or it would specifically state some rooms have this view. The beauty of the Couples website versus some other resorts is that it is very accurate.

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    We looked at one of the rooms, and it did have a view of the ocean, but also you could see part of the roof.

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