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    Default private driver or tour??? tubing and zipline

    We will be at css next week!!! We have seen a combo zipline/ tubing tour. Has anyone done this? Should we hire a private driver or call chukka or go thru couples? Should we do this before we get down there on Wed or should we wait til we get there? Has anone done this excursion? Is the only way to do it thru couples???
    That is it for this round of 20 question... anxiously awaiting your replies...

    4 1/2 more sleeps til paradise!!!!

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    I wish I could give you specific info on the Chukka tour, but I just remembered as I started to reply that our zipline tour was at Mystic Mountain. We did the tranopy-bobsled-zipline, so no tubing. But at the top of Mystic Mountain is a great eternity pool with an adult-sized waterslide and you can hang out and see the port of Ocho Rios. The zipline through the rain forest was awesome, I just wished my shorts were a little longer (think knee length, not mid-thigh). The bobsled was kind of short, but this was still my favorite excursion we have done from CSS.

    Booking through the resort, the prices are a little higher, but includes your transportation (but not a tip for the driver). I had a great private driver, arranged through Couples to take me to the Hooves ocean horseback excursion this past Feb, so if you would like his contact info, email me and I will gladly provide it.

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    Tour desk has tours and I think they offer them through Chukka. I would wait until you get there. You may be like us and decide it's just not worth leaving the beach and you figure you can do it next time. Okay, five trips later and we still haven't done it. Just can't pull ourselves that far away from the resort.

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