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    Default CSA--BFVS vs. Atrium

    We have stayed in the Beachfront rooms for the last 4 years but are thinking about trying an Atrium. Mainly because we can save almost $1000.00 and our finanacial situation has recently changed. Most of what I read on the message board leads me to believe that we would be completely happy. My only concern is where we might be located (some seem really close to the Palms) and hubby likes his TV at the end of the day. Just looking for a little advice...



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    Well if you have to have a TV I would say the Atrium is a no go.

    I guess I would ask myself how much time do we really spend in the room (enjoying the room not each other) and is that time worth $1000. Personally we love the Atruim, but if I had to go with another room to save money and still go I would in a heart beat. Any room at CSA is a good room.

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    We have stayed in the BFVS the last two years and next month will stay in an Atrium. I have the same concerns, but try not to think about it.... No problem...

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    While not exactly your same situation, we have similar questions. We have stayed in an Ocean Verandah for our previous 4 trips to CSA and have opted for an Atrium this year. We have friends that have stayed in the Atriums for 10 years and love them. Oddly enough they are staying in a BFS this year for their anniversary. We have "toured" the Atriums over the years and decided it would be a nice change of pace for us. We will be bringing a netbook or small laptop this year that will give us enough contact with things outside Jamaica. And we will probably bring a few DVD's to watch a movie or two if we happen to wish for some "stay at home" entertainment. I really don't think we will miss the TV, we mostly used it evenings while getting ready for dinner to catch news or sports in the outside world. So it was not a big part of our vacation agenda.

    I think you will be fine with the Atrium, as will we. There are the new mini bars, that's something. And the rooms really have a nice tropical feel. I figure you can hardly go wrong with any room at CSA.

    Have a great trip!

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    Default No worries!!!

    We just returned from CSA and an Atrium Room. It was awesome! One really doesn't spend much time in your room. Seriously, we never missed the TV. With mini bar, we could fix a drink and lay in the hammock just relaxing and we had our IPOD w/us as well. Some of the shutters have screen behind them and it was wonderful to open the shutters slightly at night and listen to the frogs or the sea or music from a distance. None of the Atrium rooms are far from the beach so rest your mind about this as well. There are a few buildings close to the Palms and if you REALLY do not want to be located there, ask about this concern when you are checking in. They will try to accomodate you, if possible. So please....RELAX AND DON'T will wonder afterwards why this issue was of a concern in any way.
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    If you want to save $$ and still keep hubby happy with his TV, why not go into the GVS category? Even the original Garden Suites (which have been remodeled and re-catalogued as GVS) have the TV's now. And, as you know, NOTHING at SweptAway is very far from the beach.

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    We stayed in a BFVS last year, our first trip to CSA. We spend a lot of time in our room sitting on our verandah so I would have the same issue you do as far as room location. I always thought TV would be an issue, past trips to Jamaica at another resort we seemed to watch TV in the evening while getting ready. We watched the TV one evening, just the Monday night footbal game, and we certainly could have done without it if the TV hadn't been there. If we were choosing between no trip or busting the budget to get to CSA or a room other than a BFVS I'd go with a different room in a heartbeat. I'd sure rather go and be in a different room than not go because I couldn't get out of my rut.

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    Some of the Atriums are near the Palms. If you don't like your room location, I'm sure you can change locale (when there's a like room available). The TV is another thing. If you really enjoy TV you can either bring your computer and watch a movie, or if you're familiar with, that might be an option.

    We stayed in an Atrium and just loved it - we were overlooking the garden wedding area and it was peaceful and lovely. And we did notice that some of the Atriums actually had a terrific beach location!

    Enjoy your trip!

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    Gvs catagory is CSA's best kept secret, all remodeled rooms, tv's, minibar & less expensive. A great deal. Plus, I think some of them still have the old rockers which I really miss, they were better than the hammocks.

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