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    Hi I was looking at the activities list for CSS and have a question. We noticed a lot of activities planned at SSB during the day, does this mean at those times it becomes clothing optional or is it for the AN crowd only or do we actually have to (UGH) put clothes on for them. If anyone can help woth this it would be greatly appreciated.


    Bonnie and Mike (The New England Rednecks)

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    The SSB activites are for the enjoyment of the AN crowd. SSB is AN every day until 5 pm. If you want to play, you must follow the rules!

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    Krazykeith, ty for the response. No Problem with following the rules as that is where we will spend most of our time while there just wasn't sure if the textile crowd was allowed in for these. I think it's great that they offer this and we don't have to put clothes on to join in activities.

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    That wasn't supposed to sound condescending. Yes, the activities are a great! It'd be a real bummer if you had to get dressed for them.

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