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    Default CSS October 2009

    We will be at CSS Oct. 17 to 26. We were there lsat year and we loved it. Frank and Cindy-Pittsburgh, PA

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    Default October 10 -17th

    My husband and I just booked our trip last night for CSS. We will be there from Oct 10-17th. Super excited. We are first timers...... but have heard so many great things.


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    We will also be there Oct. 11-18 for our honeymoon. This will be our first visit to couples resorts and to Jamaica.

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    We are also newbies, it will be our honeymoon. We will be at css Oct. 19-26. I have heard Oct. is the rainiest month. Is this something I should be concerned about, and are there fun things to do in the rain? fandc , We hope to meet you. Jonathan & Nikki (Martinsburg, WV)

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    Default meeting up

    Hello everyone.....

    well it is our first time there too. SO I am not sure what the weather will be like. Though my research as well does say that October can be the rainiest month.

    Of course we are crossing our fingers, that there is not a lot of rain, and if there is.... hopefully only short periods, or over night. haha.

    I am sure there will be things to keep us all occupied, if it rains. But lets be serious, we all want to be out on the beach and in the pools soaking up the sun and drinks as much as possible.

    It would be great to all meet up well we are there.....

    Anyone have any specific off site adventures planned? Or can anyone recommend any?

    Talk to you soon

    Amanda & Chris
    (Edmonton, Alberta)

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    April, CSS is made for honeymooners! Y'all are gonna have a blast! Be sure to do a couples massage in one of the huts on the rocky edge of the water. Very cool! It's fun to get dressed up for dinner so be sure to bring a few dresses - light & flowing ones are the best. See y'all in a few months. Jamie & Mark from Texas

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    Default Such a goober...

    Hello fellow CSSers. Ok - in my defense, this new message board is not set up like other boards I've been on when it comes to responding to posted messages. I intended for my other messages to be listed as responses to pre-existing messages. Instead, it just ran all of my responses in one long line. I'm such a goofball! I tried to go back and "fix" my error, but it wouldn't let me. Hey - I may not be super techno-savvy, but I am very excited about my upcoming CSS vacation. Sorry for any confusion. Lookin' forward to seeing y'all at the beach!

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    We are doing a CSS/CN split this year, our first visit to CSS Oct6-9th then back to CN Oct 10-17th for our fourth visit. We are from Goose Bay, Labrador.

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    Good Morning All.
    Hubby and I will be coming home to CSS for the 2nd time October 25 - Nov 1. We were at CSS last year in October (around the 21st I believe) and it was beautiful the entire time we were there. I think it rained ONE day for about 15 minutes, and that was it! The rest of the time was GORGEOUS.

    We had previously stayed at CN (2 times) before trying out CSS and now we are hooked on CSS!!! Beautiful resort and beautiful people (the staff)! Can't wait until October! (sorry, can't help all the exclamation points )

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    Hey, I am getting married on CSS on the 27th of October...! What's the one thing I shouldn't miss while I'm there...? Besides for my wedding?
    Kathie--CSS wedding date October 27,2009

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    We will be making our first trip to CSS from oct 10 - 17. I have secertly planned our wedding for that week. All she knows is we are going away before the end of the year to get married. She has no Idea when or where.

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    River, How awesome. Your "wife" will be thrilled! Y'all are gonna have a blast. My husband planned a surprise 40th b-day (mine) trip for us to CSS last September. Hurricane Ike blew through our town on my b-day weekend so we had to postpone the trip to November. I did not know where we were going until 2 days before we left. So...surprises at CSS are the best kind of surprises EVER!! We met up with a very nice Canadian couple last year who got married at CSS on the beach. What time do y'all arrive on the 10th? Let's plan a group meeting at the Beach Grill Bar that afternoon. Let the good times roll! Jamie & Mark from Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by river View Post
    We will be making our first trip to CSS from oct 10 - 17. I have secertly planned our wedding for that week. All she knows is we are going away before the end of the year to get married. She has no Idea when or where.
    River - that is amazing!! I can't think of a better place you could have picked. We'll be there that week as well - so if we meet you guys we'll be sure to congratulate you.

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    River that is awesome.... I am sure she will love it. We will be there Oct 10 -17th as well.

    Amanda & Chris

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    I'm not sure we can mention any specific tour company on this MB, but we are looking into a canopy zip-line tour and a sunset dinner cruise. If you Google Jamaican Tourism you might find some ideas. I think we are going to wait till we get to the resort to make any decissions. I'm sure they will be happy to point us in the right direction. My only concern is how far in advance do you need to make reservations.

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    Thank you, heather_and_tim that reassures me alittle. I'm sure once we're there it will be no worries.

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    Has anyone else noticed the MB Calendar for Oct. 09 is wrong? The 1st is on Thurs. not Fri. It threw me for a loop for a second. I though my plans were screwed up, till I double checked.

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    Default October list at CSS

    Here is a list of people who will be at CSS in October. I will use names if known, if not I will use their user names. Please let me know of updates or changes. Frank

    Bob and Krista----------06-09
    Amanda and Chris--------10-17
    Frank and Cindy---------17-26
    Jonathan and Nikki------19-26
    Heather and Tim---------25- Nov. 1

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    Add Kathie and Wiley to the list for October 25 through 30...
    Kathie--CSS wedding date October 27,2009

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    Thanks for putting together the list Fandc.

    We are so excited to go... October seems so far away, and I think for the first time in my life I am wishing summer would move faster. hehe. And trust me when you live in Edmonton, Alberta, you never wish summer away, as you know the -40C is around the corner. burrr.

    14 more weeks, 98 more days..... not that we are counting or anything....

    Amanda & Chris
    Amanda & Chris
    Edmonton, AB

    "Were Coming HOME with our Jamaican Crew Oct 12, 2011"

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    I see they fixed the calendar for Oct. 09. It didn't have any lines, and the dates and days of the week were beside each other. It tricked me! Man, I can't wait to experience Couples. I've never been to an all-inclusive, and hear this is the best. I'm finally to the point in my life, to start enjoying some of the finer things. I find myself comming back to the MB again and again, Dreaming of CSS. I've been to Ocho Rios once, but it was on a cruise and we didn't see much. Enduring the wait, Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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    Hutdug: Will you still be at CSS Oct. 19-26? We were there last December for two week. If you have any questions about CSS let me know. I also, took about 500 pictures. Frank
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    Great picture, was that taken on SSB? I would greatly appreciate any insight or advise you could give me. As I have said, it will be our honeymoon, and I would like it to be the best week of her life. Any help you could give me, would be more than I have. I'd love to see your pictures, aswell. I got the Couples Bug bad! After you've been there, do you get the shakes from withdrawl? I'm ready to leave in an hour! Unfortunately, we are still waiting till Oct. 19th. Drinks on me man, Thanks! Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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    Hello all. My wife and I will be there from the 1st through the 7th. Can't wait especially since I am still stuck over here in the desert.

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    Default CSS October 2009

    David and Sharon from Toronto, ON will be there from Oct 16-24. Looking forward to meeting lot's of new friends on all of the beaches! Regarding rainy Octobers, we were there for a week last year, it rained for about 20 minutes one day and for a couples of hours every night. It did nothing to dampen our spirits!

    Looking forward to our 6th visit to a Couples resort!


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