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Thread: Fears!

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    Default Fears!

    Only a week to go after so much research and haunting the msg boards-what if CSS doesn't live up to my expectations! Got everything crossed! Thanks to all those who have answered my previous queries.

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    The biggest thing to know is to go with an open mind. If you look for things, you will find things. If you go with the intent of just relaxing and enjoying good food, drinks and making new friends, you will. If you don't like something, let the staff know so that it can be taken care of at that time.

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    Just relax and enjoy. Remember that nothing is ever as picture perfect but you will find that Couples comes pretty close.

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    If CSS doesn’t live up to your expectations then first, your expectations are too high and second, you will be disappointed.
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    Expectations are always a hard thing to live up to. If you expect CSS to a marble palace, it won't measure up. If you expect to find great food, great service, fantastic actities (or peace and quiet) and some oif the most friendly people on the planet, then you will not be dissappointed.

    Don't worry about a thing, everything will be Irie mon!!

    Kick back and enjoy!!!!

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    Relax, everything will be OK.
    Irie Mon

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    You'd have to have some pretty high expectations for CSS not to come through. We've been there 3 times and are sad that this year we will not be able to go back. It's a wonderful resort with all kinds of natural beauty and great staff who will make your stay a dream!!

    In fact, when it's time to leave you'll be digging your heals in to stay. The big thing is..."don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright." Sorry, couldn't help myself from giving some advice from the legendary Bob Marley.

    Bart & Bug

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    Do remember that no resort is perfect. There maybe a few things that don't go quite right, but overall everything will be wonderful.

    Don't fret, just go and have a wonderful time.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Not only will it live up to your expectations, it will surpass anything you have ever experienced.


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    No Problem Mon!!! We were at CSS 3 weeks ago for the first time, and it EXCEEDED our expectations! You'll have a great time!!

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    Default No worries

    you will know once you go
    4 years ago I had never even been on a plane!!
    My 1st Trip was to CSS and this will be our 5th trip to CSS april27- may 5th 2011 ,already booked for 2012 , we got married there 2 years ago today, i do not care to go anywhere else in the world but "home" 38 days and counting ,I assure you you will be hooked!!Enjoy

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    Don't worry be happy!

    If there is a problem let them know and they will do the best they can to take care of you! "NO PROBLEM MON!"

    The only time I have heard of couples being disapointed is if they either have not told the staff or have expectations they no one could fill.

    We have only been to CSS twice but we have just booked for April 2012. Does that say anything for CSS?

    We are going to CH this year because we love the beach there. We try to flip/flop between these two with CTI thrown in for a change.

    If you are unhappy tell them they will take care of you!

    NO PROBLEM MON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgordon View Post
    Only a week to go after so much research and haunting the msg boards-what if CSS doesn't live up to my expectations! Got everything crossed! Thanks to all those who have answered my previous queries.
    If it doesn't probably you would most likely not be satisfied anywhere.Man just go and enjoy it and create your own expectations for your return trip!!!!!

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    No fears. No problems. I did exactly the same thing on our first trip to Couples. I researched ever bit of information off the web. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the resort wasn’t what I thought it was. It was better. Add in the sounds, smells, and the romantic atmosphere on top of what you already know. What you see on the Couples web site is exactly what the resort looks like. And, your stay is really “all inclusive”.

    Have fun. No worries.

    Life is good

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    Have no fears CSS is awesome!!
    We went there is December. Had booked 8 nights Tower Isle then 10 nights Couples Negril. Did the trading places to CSS loved it and transferred across the next day. We even extended our stay there so did 4 nights Tower Isle, 6 nights CSS then 8 nights CN where we had stayed before.
    The Repeaters dinner was amazing and all the staff went out of their way to make our stay top notch.
    Only complaint was the weather was rather cloudy and rainy for 4 days but who cares when you are in paradise.
    Would go back tomorrow.

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    My wife and I have been to CSS and CTI

    CSS is a awesome place to relax
    The people are fun
    the staff are amazing
    the resort is beautiful

    Is everything going to be perfect.
    Absolutely not.
    But it can still be amazing

    Last year, a group of about 30 of us huddled together at the swim up bar at Sunset Beach for an hour in a pouring deluge. It was cold, the rain was washing new rivers in the sand on the beach and there was lightning. But the cook started up the fryer and made french fries and Jamaican patties for us. Pretty soon we were all drinking Red Stripe, eating fries and talking to all of our friends. We had so much fun that we forgot about the rain.

    My point is, we could have been upset that one afternoon of sun was disrupted by the rain. But instead we had a great time. It is all about your attitude going into your vacation.

    We like to say, the worst day in Jamaica is better than almost every day at home.


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