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    Default Negril Hills Golf Course

    Yesterday I just played my third round of golf and wanted to let everyone know that the course is in much better shape than last year. The course has a new general manager and has cleaned everything up. A lot of work has been done on the greens and they are in really good shape. The course is not as dry as last year either. The putting green has been completely re-done as well.

    I took a fast look at the rental clubs, and I think that they have all been replaced as well.

    For those of you who bring clubs down with you, and if you don't want to drag them back and forth for each round, ask Miss Mary at the check-in if you can leave your clubs at the course. We have done that this year, and our caddies look after them for us.


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    My wife and I will be there with another golfing couple in a few months and we are considering leaving our clubs at home this time. We have played Negril Hill many times but always with our own clubs. Did you happen to notice what they charge for renting clubs for 18 holes?

    I am glad to hear of the improvements... we have found it a bit 'rustic' at times


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    We asked Miss Mary the first day we were there - and there was not charge.


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    I'm pretty sure there is a charge for club rental at Negril Hills. Miss Mary may have been referring to no charge for the greens fees, which are included in a stay at Couples. I am guessing it is around $20 per 18 holes to rent clubs, but I have been unable to get a firm answer on the price from the Negril Hills course (they don't answer their email!) or from anyone else.

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    Jenni this is awesome news! We have 3 couples going this year in December and us guys will play at least twice. I always bring my own clubs because I don't want to say, "darn I sure wish I had my own clubs for this shot!" Back in 2008 the rental clubs were terrible which made me feel even better that I brought my own.
    I think you miss-interpreted rhallva's question about what rental clubs would cost. I found a website that quotes the club rental as $18 which should be taken with a grain of salt since I don't know when it was posted.
    Who knows with purchasing new clubs it could have gone up. Thanks again for your review and I can't wait to get out and walk the course with our caddies again this year.

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    Steve - you are correct. I did misinterpret rhallva's question. The no cost is for club storage, and it was wonderful. The first couple of days walking to the bus I kept thinking that I had forgotten something, but it was nice not to have the clubs in the room and have to lug them to and from the room.

    The rental clubs have improved. I think that they now have two types of rentals - I think I overheard a club rental charge of $25.00 but cannot be sure.


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    Thanks Jenni! $25 sounds reasonable since I read they had upgraded the rental clubs in the past year or so. It's been hard to pin down the cost of the rental clubs. All the times I played at Negril Hills in the past I never asked or paid attention since I had my clubs with me. Trying to get info from Negril Hills has been a waste of time. The input here by you and others have helped a great deal!
    All the best!

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    The clubs in 2009 were $25. The clubs looked new and performed well. I play TaylorMade at home and found that I had to drop back 1 club to get the same distance. All I packed in my luggage were 3 golf balls, a few tees and my glove. The course was in good shape but the greens were VERY SLOW.

    Have fun.

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