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    Default What NOT to Pack List

    My fiance and I will be at CSS June 4-11th, and I've already started my packing and to-buy list. I've found a couple different "What to Pack" threads on this message board (very helpful by the way), but I've yet to find a "What Not to Pack" one. I have this terrible tendency to overpack, so to all you Couples veterans, what did you pack that ended up being a waste of valuable luggage space?
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    No need to pack an insulated travel mug. They don't fill them at the resort I would only pack one if you plan on leaving the grounds and think you might need one.

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    You are so right Erika, luggage space is you want to save some extra space for souvenirs. Let's see, you can forego the robes, they are in the rooms. I would not bring any jeans and if you choose to bring tennis shoes or loafers wear those on your feet, both coming and going to save space. I would avoid the tennis shoes though since you likely will not need them unless you are going on a particular tour where there will be lots of walking. Overall, i would say really watch it on the shoes...those are the things that make for heavy baggage. Do bring one nicer pair of sandals/shoes and use them every night for dinner and during the day have a pair fit for the beach and walking around.

    You probably CAN NOT pack too many sundresses though. I did not bring any of those and BOY was I sorry. They are just lovely for dinner and picture-taking. You don't want to overpack that's for sure, but be careful not to underpack either. It will work out. Have fun.

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    shorts and t-shirts.

    I wore athletic clothes, bathing suits (with cover up) and dresses, and that was it. Now I don't pack ANY casual clothes except for what I am wearing home.
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    Our first trip I packed 2 casual outfits per day and a dress for each night I thought we would go to a nice restaurant. hahahaha Live and learn.

    Now I pack a swimsuit for everyday we will be there. 2 nice dresses for restaurants. Swimsuit coverups are now my "casual outfits" I try to pick a pair of flip flops that will match just about anything. But do have a pair of shoes for every nice dress I pack. Sometimes a girl can't break her shoe habits you know

    So my suggestion is lay out what clothes you think you need and put 30% of them back in your closet or drawers Works everytime. ENJOY

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    Default Easy on the shoes


    I can completely relate to your overpacking...always a little nervous at the airport when they weight my luggage for fear that I'll be over my weight allowance. Ha Ha. What I have finally learned is to leave the shoes at home (and I LOVE shoes). But they are heavy and bulky and once there it's bye bye heels and hello flip flops Leave the shorts and tshirts won't wear them (unless yo wear them to dinner) and load up on the sun dresses! Have fun

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    Workout clothes
    Hair dryer
    Shampoo and Conditioner
    Half the clothes I brought

    Seriously, you really do spend the entire time in your swimsuit, other than dinner. You can get away with wearing dinner outfits more than once. I took a 50 pound bag when we went to CSA for a week last September. We are going to CTI for 9 days next year and I will be taking a carry-on only.

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    Pack your bag like you normally would. Then take out half of the shoes and clothes. Easy rule that works for my wife.

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    Pack take out half, re-pack what is left and take out a fourth, and you will probably be about right.

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    No need to bring beach towels.

    You will be in your swimsuit all day long unless you go off property, so shorts and t-shirts are barely needed, but bring lots of swimsuits and cover ups.

    It is acceptable to wear your evening clothes more than one night during your stay. You are hardly in the clothes at all. So save yourself some room and don't pack an outfit for each night (or each day). Mix and match outfits are great.

    You don't have to run a style show. One set of flip flops for during the day and nice pair of sandals for night time is all you need. Save space, you don't need a pair of shoes for each outfit.

    You won't be wearing much make-up other than lip gloss and mascara. Save the space.

    No need for a robe as one is provided in the room.

    If you are going to bring your laptop for only checking email, there is a computer room free of charge you can use instead. (We always bring ours as we watch movies on the plane and download pictures to it.)

    There is a blow dryer in the room. My hair is medium thickness and down to my bra strap and it works fine for me. Others may differ.

    There is a wine opener and beer opener in the room. No need to bring one.

    There is a iron and ironing board in the room. No need to be concerned with wrinkles.

    There is an ipod charger/alarm clock in the room.

    If you pack correctly, you can actually get everything into two carry-ons. If you are taking more than that, you are over packing. We've stayed for 2 weeks with carry-ons only.
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    My first trip I ended up bringing too many pairs of shorts and t-shirts. During the day, I was either in tennis clothes or swimsuits/cover-ups. At night I was in evening clothes. One pair of shorts and a couple of shirts would have been more than enough. Also, I wish I had only packed 2-3 evening outfits and just repeated them. But I am a notorious overpacker!

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    Definitely packed too many clothes & shoes! You are in a bathing suit (or not- depending on if you go AN) most of the time, you only need shorts or skirts for lunch (or a cover up), and something only slightly more dressy for evening. It's too hot, for me, anytime you're there to need a sweater or even long sleeves. If you bring a sarong you can use it as a cover up or also in the Otaheite restaurant as a shoulder wrap if you need it (air conditioning in there). Pack your bag then go thru and take out a few things. You can always pick up something extra at the gift shop if you need it. We usually end up buying t-shirts and then we end up with too many.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erika175 View Post
    My fiance and I will be at CSS June 4-11th, and I've already started my packing and to-buy list. I've found a couple different "What to Pack" threads on this message board (very helpful by the way), but I've yet to find a "What Not to Pack" one. I have this terrible tendency to overpack, so to all you Couples veterans, what did you pack that ended up being a waste of valuable luggage space?
    Too many shoes, will weigh down luggage and hair dryer, they have one...

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    Believe it or not, I took too many shoes. I ended up not wearing all of them and they were heavy and took up space. I wear my athletic shoes on the plane.

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    Don't bring a daytime outfit for every day. You will wear your bathing suit and cover up....

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    Mix and match your ensembles to minimize.

    Pack early... about 2 weeks. Look away for a few days and then see what you can do without... you might surprise yourself. Target extra pairs of shoes, too many tees, long pants.

    Also, roll up your synthetics. They usually don't wrinkle.

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    I used to take too many day clothes... I've since learned that it is really not necessary to take more than a pair of shorts and a couple tanks for day (if doing a shopping excursion for example). And I've learned not to pack a different nite outfit for each nite. I take three and switch around tops/bottoms (cami type tops with short skirts). Also, you don't need a different pair of shoes for each outfit... I've learned from experience to only pack one nice pair of flat sandals for evening. Saves a BUNCH of room in the suitcase.

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    Don't pack towels and don't pack day or afternoon wear. You will find out that you will be in a bathing suit most of the day. A friend packed seven pairs of shorts (one for each day) and never used them! you also don't need a lot of shoes.

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    for the women, don't bother with'll probably find that you live in your bathing suit and cover up during the day. No need to bring a hair dryer or curling iron, as the Jamaican humidity is such that any real blow dyer or curling iron styling will probably melt shortly after leaving your room.

    Another important thing NOT to bring is any sense of urgency and getting it done NOW!! You'll find that this is the perfect place to relax and mellow out - what needs to get done will be done "soon come." Jamaican time is a beautiful thing, and is something we always look forward to setting our own clocks to!!

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    DEFINITELY bring your insulated mug!! The bartenders won't pour directly into it but you can pour your drink into it from the cup they give you.

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    I respectfully disagree on the insulated travel mug! Even though I would never ask anyone to fill it at Couples (since it is not allowed) when I pour my drink into it and slip a straw into the sipper hole it is an awesome way to keep my ice from melting on a hot day, my frozen drink stays frozen, and the lid keeps stuff out of my drink even when the wind is blowing on the beach. Don't leave home without it, but don't put any bartenders in an uncomfortable position by asking them to make a drink in it since they are not supposed to do that. Respect the rule and the bartenders!

    In almost 30 trips to Jamaica we finally learned that we used to take too many clothes. It used to be that half of what we took went back home unworn. We have often spent a week in JA with only carry-on luggage. SO as for what to leave home... those extra clothes for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by it5oclocksomewhere View Post
    No need to pack an insulated travel mug. They don't fill them at the resort I would only pack one if you plan on leaving the grounds and think you might need one.
    lol That's one of my must pack items because I use it for water. That's the best way to keep your water cold and sand free while on the beach. I also take it with me on the dive boat so I have some nice cold water to drink on the way back to the resort.

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    Guys list for your fiance -
    Two pair of nice shorts - he'll wear them for an hour or two each day
    Two pair of gym shorts - only if planning to workout
    Two or three bathing suits
    Two or three pair of nice slacks - pray no stains if two. Only be wearing them for dinner.
    Jeans only if going horseback riding
    Maybe 4 pair of dress socks if he's not inclined to go sockless to dinner
    4 polo or dress shirts, again, just for dinner. You can go less, but pray no stains.
    Depending on if he normally wears tshirts while at the shore or pool, 4-6 tshirts. I found myself wearing tshirts to the beach or pool, and then back to the room, so I'd bring 4.
    Sandals/flip flops, water shoes, and nice casual shoes. Sneakers only if planning a workout.
    Underwear - 7 but tough call again as I was in a bathing suit for all but 2 hrs per day. Or go commando.
    Normal toiletries - although bath gel and shampoo are provided.

    And this is probably still too much. Don't need tie, jacket, dress shoes, sweat shirts, sweat pants, robes, towels. Again, jeans and workout clothes are optional.

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    Looks like mostly women with suggestions here, and some very good ones at that. But as a dude, I have some small advice as well. I have tended to pack too many shorts and tee shirts. This year I will bring a couple pair of shorts and only a couple of shirts for evenings and days. For a week that should be plenty. I bring about five pair of swim trunks, they do not dry very well and I hate to put on a wet suit in the morning. A pair of sandals and a pair of closed toe shoes for Feathers. I also seem to have a habit of packing too many socks. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you. I hope to get it all in one small bag this year.

    Seems like I use almost as much space for cameras, chargers and other electronics, as clothes.

    I will pass on some of the above suggestions to mrs. dirtleg. She needs the help when it comes to packing. Though she has gotten better each trip.

    CSA in 78 days!

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    Great post! As a first time travellor I packed an outfit for everyday plus 3 sundresses and 1 nice dress for the fancy restaurants and was going to wear them all, ya right that didnt work out so well. Next year I wont be the silly one dragging around the huge suitcase I will go for the mid size and thats only to bring back all the goodies my hubby buys on our shopping trip.

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