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    Has anyone visited the Blue Lagoon from CSS? What is the travel time/distace? Also, We would love to see Port Royal but I'm concerned about the travel time from Ocho Rios. Has anyone done this trip? C'mon April!

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    We went to Blue Lagoon a few years ago. The roads have improved since then, but I think you are still away much of the day. It was a great trip. Port Royal would involve the entire day. As of right now, don't think there is enough there to make the time and expense worth while.

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    We went to Port Antonio after Ocho Rios last March. We visited the Blue Lagoon while there. I think it takes about 2 hours to get there. I was not impressed.......the blue lagoon was not what I expected. We walked down this long path, where some guy followed us all the way down, trying to get us to pay for a raft ride on the Lagoon. Then when you get to the bottom, there are vendors set up, trying to sell you more things. You have to bypass all of these people to get a slither of a view of the Blue Lagoon. There was nowhere to felt like a boat ramp we were looking off of.

    We actually lucked started raining and all of the vendors left, so we climbed over some rocks to see more of the Lagoon. It was pretty, but I wouldn't drive from Ocho Rios to see it----not worth it. I would stay in Ocho, if I were you.

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