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    Default Sports channels for football at CTI

    Hi, arriving at CTI beginning of April, does anybody know if they have a sports channel to watch the football (soccer!!!!!!!!!). Need to see if Liverpool v Man City is on on the 11th.

    With respect to everybody, I do not need any, you are on holiday don't worry about it replies.


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    Try this link:

    Hope it helps

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    Here is the Cable TV schedule from CN. I think all the resorts have the same channels. New York, Miami, California, Canadian, Jamaican and US National stations.

    CN 2006, CSS 2009, CN 2009, CN 2010, CTI 2010, CN 2011, CSS 2012, CN 2012, CN 2013, CSA 2014, CN 2014, CSA 2015, CN 2015

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    Don't know for sure, but can you get it on the net? They have an internet cafe so that might be an option.

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    Thanks Poolie, wonder if Dave got to watch it. I will check when we arrive and to be honest $3.50 does not seem expensive for a beer, compared to the hotel maybe, but not generally.


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    I know it is just over 2.00 a pint!

    If you could let me know how you get on, that would be great.

    Have Fun

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    Hi Guys,

    I know I should be able to answer the question for you but we never got time to watch the telly. They do have ESPN available but I ended up checking the final score on the internet. Between diving, eating and drinking there was no time to think about a lot else.

    Have a great time out there we did and can't wait to get back home.

    Regards Dave and Chell

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