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    Hello all,
    I am in a desperate search for the man who sold me my leather sandals (he makes them). I bought them almost 2 years ago, but I believe he was a regular beach vendor (people had sites setup along the beach). Well, this summer my sandals got stolen and I am trying hard to find out who this man is...if he sells them online or how I might be able to get another pair...does anyone have any idea who this guy is??

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    I know exactly who you mean, he sets up on Monday's. Sorry I don't know his name and I am pretty sure he is not online. But I would contact CN directly they will know who he is. All of the vendors that set up on the beach there have to have permit from Couples.

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    Look on the bright side Beth and Billy, you may have to make a trip to Negril

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    Are all the vendors there are Monday? The day I arrive. Anyone know if they are, how late they are there? I could buy you some sandals if hes still there when I get there. I arrive next Monday. Let me know.

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    I would LOVE it if you could buy them for me...but how would I pay you for them?

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    Well I could buy them and then find out how much they are ship it... you could send me a check or whatever you want. Heres my personal email.
    I am always willing to help out a fellow couples addict lol.
    where do you live? I am near Chicago...

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    Lookin4sun: we're heading to CN on sat. too and will be there all next week. Let's celebrate getting out of the cold Chicago weather! (We're in the suburbs.) Have a great time and see you there! Tam

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    Unfortunately I live in NB Canada...and it would most likely cost a lot to ship them Thank you so much for offering though!! My brother and his gf are going to Riu Negril next week, so I am sending them on a mission to find them!!

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    Lookin4sun, that is a very generous offer. Wish more people were willing to help others like that.

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    ok well let me know if you change your mind. and TAM... I cant wait!!! I soooo need it. Where in the burbs are you? We are actually in Rockford.

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