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    Thank you for the review. I have been going crazy trying to decide for my 2012 trip which resort - CN or CSA. ( trying to decide before March 31, due to the $300 resort credit ). Going to CSA in September 2011 for trip #3. THe only thing that is preventing me from just booking is the Atrium Room. I LOVE THIS ROOM ! I have stayed at MANY AI resorts and this is by FAR my favorite room. Still trying to decide, but your review helped. Despite the lack of atrium room, you still had a great time. THANKS>

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    What a delightful review. In-depth and fair. And not just because I agree with you. We've stayed at both CSA and CN as well and I think you basically mirrored our exact feelings. Especially with regards to the entertainment! We're youngish (even younger at heart) and live in a progressive "artsy" town where local music is king. We keep up with Reggae and hold the highest expectations for good tunes each time we visit Jamaica. We visited CSA last year expected to hear great Reggae. Unfortunately, we were bombarded with the likes of Americanized music. We heard our share of Lady Gaga on Steel Drums and other New Pop played by the DJ in the dance club. We don't expect Bounty Killer at a high end resort but what about some real grass-roots local music? Or heck, even give me some Ziggy Marley. We are going back to CN in October but seriously considered skipping out on the Couples experience because of the music scene. The only real Reggae we got to hear was in our room on our IPOD we brought from home. We also went off resort and bought some local music to support the artists. Others might consider doing the same. This trip we are making sure to load up our IPOD because we know we will not get the music we want to hear on resort. Seriously, we can hear Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson here at home. We are going to Jamaica, Couples. We want Reggae. Please fix the music scene. Glad we aren't the only ones who feel this way. Yah-Mon...RESPECT!

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    Fabulous review!! We've been to both and I agree with you on most points. And even though I agree that the rooms at CSA are more exotic, I really prefer CN rooms. I love the color and airy feel of them. CSA rooms were too dark for me. I just love how the breeze makes that turquoise curtain blow around the rooms at CN.

    Thanks for your time and energy in posting such an awesome comparison. It really helps the new folks and is so enjoyable for those of us who've "been around" both resorts.

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    Great comparison. CN 2009, CSA 2010 and we had the same discussions afterwards. I think the beach was a bit better at CN except. The food choices for me were better at CSA - I think lunch at Seagrapes alone is enough to push it ahead for me - the fish tacos and the chips and whatever dips they had. Rooms a little nicer at CSA as well, but really don't spend that much time in them. Also at CSA I didn't have to worry about floating down to the AN beach from the waves that take you that way. Bars were better for me at CSA, but CN was a bit smaller and intimate. I do agree that all in all you can't go wrong with either. We considered a split stay this time, but are only staying 6 days, so chose CSA. Maybe back to CN next year.

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    An excellent and well written review. I have been to CSA nine times in the past 11 years and am going again next week and I agree with you completely. I hope the management reads these reviews, I wouldn't want the resort to get any farther away from the original concept than it has already. Annika

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    Thank you for the great comparison of the two resorts and everyone's follow up comments. We spent New Year's in CN last year and are considering CSA this year. We loved CN but are the type of people to always want to try something new. We will take your comparison into consideration and thanks again for all the great points on both
    Jason & Molly

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    Thanks so much for the great review/comparison.

    We love CN and have been 6 times. We've also been to CTI 3 times. We have CSA booked for the first time in October and we're looking forward to see which one we like best. We have done trading places to CSA a couples of times so we decided to give it a try. But as you said you can't go wrong either way.

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    What a great review! Thank you for posting it!

    We have our first trip to CSA coming up. Last year we visited CSS. We absolutely adored CSS. I really felt like it spoke to me. We did however, miss the much nicer beach in Negril.

    I found it really interesting that CN and CSA don't play any reggae??? We did have some reggae performed at CSS and everyone was dancing. Of course, in my opinion, it was never enough. lol... The evening music was something we really liked about CSS. It will be interesting to see how CSA compares.

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    Thank you so much for your review!!! We booked at CN but were a little regretful because a couple we know just returned from CSA and loved it. I was worried that I would be let down by CN but after this review I know that I can expect CN to be awesome too!!!

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    Great review. One other determining factor between the two resorts that can be a deal-breaker either way for some is that CN has AN facilities while CSA has none.

    And, as plenty of others have already mentioned, I agree that the evening entertainment needs improvement. As an American, I have no clue why Couples thinks that we travel there to listen to what seems like mostly American music. The steel drums are always great, but it seems that the majority of people also want more reggae. Maybe if we all made a note of it on the checkout comment cards, then something would get done.

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    Eek-a mouse! I got totally distracted by that, takes me back to my youth and that's a long time ago, not even sure if he's alive. loved the review, I also choose CN having visited both a few times.

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