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    Default First meal as a married COUPLE at CSA... Q

    Hey everyone-- We are very anxiously awaiting our trip to CSA!

    We're getting married at a small church in Negril, just us, this New Years Eve but will be staying at CSA for our weddingmoon. we are wondering what our first dinner should be as husband and wife! We're reading a LOT of raves about the private dinners, but I'm not sure they will have them NYE because I am * guessing * they will have a lot of other wonderful things going on at the resort? Maybe they still will? Anyone been at CSA for NYE before? Or what about dinner at an off-site place (although we going back and forth on this one). Thoughts, past experiences, ideas?

    Much appreciated!

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    Definitely try for private beach dinner. If they aren't offering them, explain that it is your wedding night. Maybe they could bring a great meal to your room to have out on the verandah. Or, they might have other romantic suggestions. If nothing is available, then try for reservations at Lemongrass or Feathers for that night. Email someone at CSA and see if they come up with anything. Not sure about local place because we've never eaten off the resort. The food is too fabulous.....and included!

    Congrats and enjoy CSA. It's awesome!

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    We haven't done NYE at CSA, but we did NYE at CTI. It was a big fancy do with lots of great food and entertainment. We all sat outside around the main pool for dinner. No one did the private dinners that night. I'm not sure if they even offered them, but it would feel weird to be just on the edge of a huge party!
    I'm sure CSA puts on a similar night. They sure threw a great beach party when we were there.
    I say do the NYE party at the resort. Tell everyone you just got married. people will hug and toast you. It will be like your own wedding reception
    Congrats, and have a great time!

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    We have done NYE twice at CSA. LOVE IT! They still offer the private dinners but not on NYE. You can do a buffet type dinner around the main pool/Palms area or you can do a sit down dinner at Patois. We have done both.
    Another place that was recommended to us by CSA concierge when weren't able to get a private dinner (they were all booked) was the Rockhouse in Negril. The food was awesome but the location was even better. It is built into one of the cliffs and there is a private table on one side that you can get (we did) so you are all alone. The waves crash against the cliffs and its just amazing. We took a cab that CSA got for us there and back and had no issues whatsoever. But the NYE parties they do are the BEST. The staff works very hard on it. Let me know if you would like to see some pics.
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