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    Ok, as someone who loves food, all kinds, I really want to start thinking about the amazing things I'm about to experience at csa. I've heard about banana stuffed French toast, yum. I've been to cn and am a freak for a buffet, so I can't wait for a dessert sampler! Lychee martini and mojotos!!! Jerk chicken. What do you love?

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    The pumpkin soup and dips at CSA,

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    For me it is Curried Goat and Ackee both are traditional Jamaican dishes.

    Just 25 Days till we return Home to CSA !!!


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    The pizza at Patios Patio. All of it is really good, but try the breakfast pizza. Patios Patio also has Shrimp Linguini that is fantastic. The snapper sandwich at Sea Grapes. Also Sea Grapes has great dips. Feathers has a dessert sampler that is great. You get to try mini versions of all different desserts.

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    Madtown mom if you're a true foodie like me you're going to love CSA. The only way to get the banana stuffed french toast is to go to Patois Patio in the morning and not the buffet. In addition to the french toast they have breakfast pizzas there. I'm from NY and know my pizza and was very suspicious about a Jamaican pizza. Well they were awesome and filled that early morning void. Definately munch down at the Seagrapes Cafe on the beach. The sweet potato chips and dip are the perfect appetizer while you're waiting for your healthy "daily special" lunch order. Do not miss the Manager's cocktail party which is held before the Repeater's dinner cocktail party. The appetizers served there in the Greathouse near the Aura Lounge were delicious. They went perfectly with the drink of the day served up at the bar. You'll also get to meet all of the CSA department managers in one place. They are such wonderful people and their smiles are infectious. Those are a few of my highlights that I'm looking forward to when we get back home in December.
    Bon Appetit, Steve

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    Steamed snapper in green curry at Lemongrass.

    Callalo every time and anytime I can get it, which is often at CSA.

    Fresh payaya, always sweet and wonderful.

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    Beef patties at the cabana grill. I will usually eat 3 a day while there. The papaya and mango slices are awesome as well. The smoked marlin at Patois is really good too.

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    Yippee- dessert sampler!!! I'm so excited to try feathers and lemongrass, but breakfast is probably my favorite. Love the roomservice "pre-breakfast". By the way, do you all take juice from the juice bar and walk it over to the real bar for an amazing cocktail? This seems like a no-brainer to me. I love fresh squeezed greyhounds, ( vodka and grapefruit) almost more than anything.

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    Smoked salmon scrambled eggs... wow!

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    The fruit always is better than at home and the fish is outstanding!!

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    So many good things to eat but always remember that they know how to do fish in the islands! I am not usually big on that much fish at home but here it is delicious.

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    Pumpkin soup is wonderful!!!

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    I'm so psyched there are yummy healthy options at csa! That way I can fully embrace my sweet tooth!

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    We just got back last week and my favourite was the fish tacos at Seagrapes. At Lemongrass try the app sampler, yummy and the pad thai was awesome as well. At lunch in the Palms you can get fresh made crepes with chocolate ice cream, yum! All the soups are really good.
    Alright for drinks try the Jamaican Browning, so good. Pizza at Patios and beef patties at the grill. Actually all the fish is amazing and fresh.

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    Sweet Potatoe chips at Seagrapes are soo yummy! I also look forward to the crab and corn quiche that they have at breakfast some mornings at the Palms. Lobster night of course is awesome... but one of my FAVORITE nights is International night. There is so much food and such a huge variety and its all amazing.

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    omg agreeed on the sweet potato chips w/ the dips @ seagrapes and OMG THE GRILLED FISH SANDWICHES @ SEAGRAPES ARE TO DIIIIIIIIIIIIE FOR))))))) my husband and i had these sandwiches pretty much DAILY last aug!

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    also totally agreed on the pizza @ patois! unfortunately only got to have 1 meal there on our last day, but YUM! omelets @ the palms every mornin were SUPERB as well! i always had them w/ @ least crab and calaloo

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    I agree, Seagrapes ROCKS!!!

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    If you're a foodie, you probably love good coffee. If that is the case, have the coffee. It is fabulous. The food is spectacular at CSA. Make sure to go to the Martini Bar, above the Palms Restaurant, for a well made cocktail. Enjoy!

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