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    Do any rooms at CSA offer room service? If so is it just for breakfast or is it 24 hours?

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    Just breakfast... and that's more continental b'fast fare.

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    At CSA you can get a continental breakfast sent to your room, but that is the extend of room services. You can get things like cereal and fresh pastries, as well as milk, juice, and coffee. There is a door-hanger in your room on the mini-bar. You just fill it out, hang it on the door and breakfast is delivered to your room the next morning at your specified time. All rooms have access to this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajunscents View Post
    Do any rooms at CSA offer room service? If so is it just for breakfast or is it 24 hours?

    Just for breakfast and you put out the paper the night before and check what you want and a time. No other room service.

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    Just breakfast. You have to hang your menu request on the outside of your room door the night before. We always call it our “first breakfast”. We sit on the verandah and enjoy the early morning sounds and then go to the Palms for “second breakfast”.

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    We like to use the room service breakfast as our wake up call. what a great way to start the day.

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    What time do they usually bring a continental breakfast?

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    You get to pick the time when you fill out the order card. It is so much nicer then a wake up call or alarm going off if you need/want to get up.

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    JackNJen, you specifiy on the menu what time you want your breakfast delivered.

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    Awesome, thank you!

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    Make sure you don't leave the food or empty plates inside the room for long as ants will start moving in pretty quickly. We keep it on our balcony and then if we want to keep anything we put that in the fridge and the dishes go outside the door.

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