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    Default Help w/ Wedding Day Hair

    I am getting married at CSA on May 21st, 2011 at 3:00 PM. I'm in between letting loose with waves or an up do? Does anyone know the level of humidity I can expect? What's your vote?

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    i'm from florida and have curly hair... you'll have a good amount of humidity there. i opted for an updo simply because of the wind.

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    We got married at 10am and it was warm. I am not an Up kind of gal. I just had light curls which by the end of the photos, my hair was drooping a little. It will be more humid and warm that time of day. I just wouldn't have been comfortable with my hair up but It would have been cooler. No regrets but maybe for our vow renewal I might try something different. I say put your hair up and you won't have it blowing around. Good luck, you will love csa

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    I am getting married at CSA 9/10/11 at 3 PM I am going with an "up do" which will be all my hair pulled to the left side with a flower. I would love to have it down and curly, but it is going to be hot and i do not want photos with my hair in my face! I vote for up. you can always wear it down curly =)

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    I did the loose curls also, as I am not an updo person either. They did droop a bit, but I was still glad I went with that style. Here is a link to our pictures so you can see my hair. I also had my makeup done by the salon.

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    Trishamarie - how much was it to have your makeup done in the salon? I am contemplating as to whether I should do this.
    Thanks =)

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    Default Hair up or down

    Hi, we got married at 10am and the day was HOT! We were married in March.
    My hair can get quite curly in rain / humidity so I decided to go for an up-do. I've attached a picture (hope it works!), the salon did a fab job. They can make almost anything happen with any type of hair.
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    It was $100 for both hair and makeup. they didn't break it out between the two services.

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    okay great thanks! That is better than I expected.

    Shoegal84 - you looked amazing!

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    I'm getting married on the 19th. I am going to play with it and see how it goes the few days before but I am hoping for down too:0)

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    Trishamarie - do they have a book of types of hairdos they can do or should I bring my own pictures? I just don't want their to be any confusion as to what I want and I know some salons will keep pics in an album to use as examples.


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    I had my hair done at home before we left and took pics with my digital camera. I just showed them the pics and they worked from those. I didn't really notice if they had magazines or hair books in the salon.

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