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    Default Vow Renewal at CSA

    My hubby and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary at CSA from July 11-17. I am a romantic and want to do a barefoot beach vow renewal. It will be just the two of us there so some people have said why bother but to me it sounds like a dream. (The couples massages that are included sound wonderful too!) Has anyone done a vow renewal by themselves and did they enjoy it? I looked at the pictures in the wedding FAQ section but don't see a standard beach setting for CSA. Is it the same as CN? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    There is a separate wedding forum which has answers to your questions. Click on the link in between meet-up -couples and photo contest at the top of this page.

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    They recently built a new thing for the beach weddings at CSA. It used to look like the photo at the top of the message board here, that might actually be CSA, I can't tell. In the wedding section of the forum there is a thread about the new beach wedding thing. I can't think of the name of the thing so this probably sounds stupid. It's a big wooden thing rather than that smaller metal one.

    We did do a renewal with just ourselves and it was really nice. There was a fellow from the front desk (and everywhere else, he seems to do a little of everything) helped us with where to go and even took photos with my camera which was really nice. We got a bunch of photos from the resort photographer. They weren't awesome but since I am a photographer I plan on just editing them myself since they don't do any editing at all.

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    We renewed our vows at CSA 2 years ago. It was just the two of us.
    We renewed on the beach and there was a minister who did the renewal. Then we did pictures and cake and a champagne toast. Then more pictures.
    We loved it. I had my hair done, did my own make up. I had a very tropical dress. We made reservations that night for Feathers. I even had a bouquet of flowers.
    We talked to the photographer. I believe the minimum wedding package was 24 pictures but we were able to get a 12 picture package. They did a gorgeous job, we even bought a few extra pictures.
    It was very romantic. CSA does a great job of making you feel special and we are so glad we decided to renew at CSA.

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