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    We are taking private transporation to Couples Swept Away instead of taking the bus, do we need to let Couples know we will not be taking the bus?

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    Do you have a site where you got your private transfer? We were wanting to do that too but didn't know where to go...

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    Just stop by the Couples' lounge to let them know that you've arrived. That way, staff at the lounge can contact CSA to let them know to expect you. You don't need to let Couples know in advance that you've arranged for your own transportation.
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    We hired a stretch limo for the drive to CSA. When we arrived in the airport, we went to the Couples room and notified them we had other transportation to and from the resort. Also notify the resort when you arrive about your travel plans. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip in a limo with iced Red Stripe and Champagne. The limo was waiting for us bright and early on our return trip, got us to the airport early and in enough time to upgrade to 1st class and avoid the crowds. Enjoy !

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    You can let them know when you check in at the Couples Lounge. Why spend the money for what is included?

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    We're doing the same thing this Saturday. I called 800 COUPLES and they told me they do like to know when someone is not taking the shuttle so they can keep track. They also told us to be sure and stop by the Couples lounge at the airport to get a Red Stripe. We'll do that!

    Couples can hook you up with private transportation. You can also check the Negril forums at TripAdvisor for lots of good suggestions.

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    Can I ask who you booked through for you airport shuttles? Thanks
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    There used to be a "Couples Concierge" heading on the website, where you could make those arrangements. I don't know if it exists anymore, nor do I have the energy today to check.

    There are also a number of tour operators on the island who offer this service. Most of them maintain a web presence... take it from there.

    Enjoy and good luck!

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    Axtella -

    first of all... we'll see you on resort, if you're headed to SweptAway. But I'd be happy to offer a recommendation... chrisdotbeversatsbcglobaldotnet.

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    It is costing 18 per person and will be stocked with Red Stripe, Rum punch, water, and juice for us. We have also taken the transportation provided before, but decided to try something different this time. Hoping we will get to our destination a little quicker as our straight through flight turned into one with a layover, I hate when they do that!

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