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    Hello Couples Folks

    I want to surprise my wife with a handful of new swim suits for our trip in January 2012 to CSA. Anyone have any suggestions for good selection on designer suits?

    Thanks, J

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    I like victorias secret, everything but water. There are a few others just google designer swim suits
    Erika & Sean

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    Victoria's Secret tends to have a lot on line. Not sure if you'd want to check that out...

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    Just before a trip to Mexico last November, I realized I only had two swimsuits I liked. And I freaked. There were none left in stores here in OK, and I do NOT tend to do well with ordering clothes online (I'm kinda busty with a natural chest, and I really need to see how things cover me...some just aren't decent or comfortable to wear out in public).

    I took a chance and ordered two bikinis online from Victoria's Secret. They're not dirt cheap, but they're not outrageous. Most bathing suits are sized by bra size, with sm/med/lrg bottoms, which makes finding a top that fits pretty easy.

    I literally received the suits in my PO box when I checked it for the last time on the way to the airport! Threw them into my suitcase, and off we flew. I was QUITE happy to find that both of them fit well and looked good. They're actually already in my suitcase for next week's trip to CTI.

    Good luck!

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    Wow! You are brave!

    Bruce and Kelli
    Fort Worth, TX
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; CSS 2016

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    I LOVE Venus Swimwear at Have ordered through them for many many years & only had to make a return once .... & it was no problem. The swimsuits are very well made, well lined, etc. .... not cheap & flimsy. Colors don't fade out. They're all I ever wear because they fit great.

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    Not sure which designers you are looking for....but Victoria Secret has a good selection of suits. Very sweet on your part!!

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    I recommend abandoning the idea of buying swimsuits for your wife. That is a mine field that could turn disastrous!!! I suggest a gift certificate to a swim wear shop so she can select her favorite styles (with you in mind) and can fit them the way she likes! A great online store for this is Wicked Weazel! Google my friend and good luck!!! I hope we return to CN February 2012!

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    Default Swimsuits option

    Try Wicked Weasel. Its an Australian company but there is a fantastic choice if you like bikini style suits. from the sublime to the ridiculous! If you like bikini's, you'll love these. Enjoy the gallery of options! Delivery times are reasonable, even from Aus.

    Johnnie M

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    Zappos is a great side. They have a good selection and a great return/exchange program. You have up to 365 days to make up your mind.

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    Venus has nice suits. Wicked Weasel if you are daring. Also newport news usually has nice suits at good prices.

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    My advice would be that you cant go wrong at They have some very cute suits. Another one of my personal favorite sites is suits are very expensive, but they do have a sale area on their site. Hope this helps.

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    Victoria's Secret and Venus Swimwear are my faves.

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    I found some good ones at

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    Seriously? That's a very sweet gesture, but swim suits are extremely difficult to fit. Obviously they have to fit perfect... neither too tight in any area, or too loose so they bag out or slip when swimming. Every brand and model fit different. Each style is designed to flatter different body types from straight/thin to fully figured/curvy.

    IMHO swimsuits are best tried on by the person who will be wearing them. I guess the exception may be the very thin, flat-chested woman buying the little basic triangle top bikini. It's very different for larger chested women who need support for the girls. I usually try on about a couple dozen or so to find one I like. I've always done that regardless of my age and size.

    If you're still determined, (take a look in her drawer when she's not around) to find out what brand, styles and sizes she already has and try to find similar.
    Good luck!

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    Default Swimsuit sites is an awesome sight for swimsuits!!!!

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    While you're at it, order some exciting new ones for yourself! There is an Australian company called Aussiebum that has the best website although your wife would enjoy the shopping experience more LOL
    Have a look and you will see what I mean

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    Victoria's Secret and Venus. I ordered from Wicked Weasel and it didn't fit. I was faced with keeping a very small, ill fitting, very expensive suit or sending it back which cost almost $30 because of overseas fees, etc. I have had not difficulty returning things to Venus and have not had to return things to VS. Another skimpy bikini site is

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    Depends on what types she likes to wear... is always good, the have a variety of types from sexy to covering and everything in between. is a place in california and they have great swimsuits, all designer and very different from any other ones I've seen. They have a more sexy look but if you think she likes them that way this is the place! I buy from both all the time. I also like Target although this year was unhappy with their styles. Good luck and very sweet... Good luck as that can be dangerous, I would advise different styles and 2 sizes of each and return what she doesn't wan't. =)

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