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    Someone mentioned that rather than shuttles every so often, that Couples knows who is coming in and when. How does this work if we booked through a travel agent and not as a package through the Couples website? Don't want to be stranded at the airport...

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    No problem. After you go through Customs you'll go to the Couples lounge. They have a list of everyone who will be arriving that day. You won't be stranded.

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    We've always booked through a TA and have never had a problem. Our TA always makes sure I let her know our flight numbers & times of arrival & departure ( I usually book the air myself).
    She then relays this info to Couples and all is Irie!
    I would make sure your TA has done this for you. If not, you may want to contact the Couples resort you are heading to yourself.

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    There is a VIP page for travel agents to register their clients on this web site, they can supply all your information. You will not be standed at the airport. Once you collect baggage and clear customs/immigration you will wlk down the hallway and make a left---there awaits your first glimpse of Paradise--Couples Lounge!

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    If you booked your airfare along with your hotel through your travel agent, they should have informed Couples of your flight info. Couples will have that information, so they'll know when to expect you. They'll also know if your flight gets delayed, etc. If you did not book airfare through your TA, inform them (or Couples directly) of your flight info so they'll be ready for you.
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    We book our room through Couples and Air with who ever is cheapest about a week out we just gave them a call and gave them the flight info. Not sure if you have to do this, but they took the info. I would think that if nothing else they know what day your coming.

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    You can pre-register on this site and that will do the trick as well.

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    We have booked online, through Couples itself, and with a travel agent. Every time we were met at the Couples lounge and they took care of everything and had all our info. Do not worry. Be excited!

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