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    Hello All. Could somoene point me to where the info is for the romance pkgs? Thinking about spending some of our credits on one of them but am unable to access the info? Perhaps this info is available only upon arrival @ the resort? Any help or advice is appreciated. April 16th, soon come!!! Razzl

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    Try this info from the message board for the new program starting in April.
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    I had trouble finding it, but here's a link to the wedding packages. From there, you can click on a link to the "Romance Concierge" to get information on the other Romance Packages that are available.
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    Go to Honeymoons or Weddings. Lower left corner is a box with Romance Concierge. You can find them there.


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    You can find all of your information for the romance packages under the brochure tab. The brochure helped me decide on the perfect package for my fiance and I. You can ask any questions to the romance concierge (Sharie) under the contact us page. She was quick to respond to e-mails and VERY helpful!

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    Thank you friends!!! Have a great day & a nice weekend. Razzl

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