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    Default Need creative ideas for wedding reception gift baskets

    I'm calling on the creative vibes of all of you out there. I'm getting married at CN this June and we will be having a reception back home (Colorado) for all of our family and friends. We are Having an informal indoor/outdoor Jamaican BBQ with rum punch and a red stripe keg. I was thinking of putting together a treasure hunt with lots of clues that will ultimatly lead to different prizes, but I don't really know what the prizes should be. I was thinking of doing gift baskets filled with different unique Jamaican items such as rum, rum cream, hat with dreadlocks... I just need some more suggestions for unique items to give to guests.

    I'm a bit bored with the traditional reception activities like flower/garter toss, toasts... and would love new suggestions for activities we could use that would incorporate the island theme. (we prob will not have a DJ or dance floor because of space issues, but we will have music playing.)

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Sounds like great fun ! Small bottles of rum would be great and inexpensive. Also the small bags of blue mountain coffee. You could also buy for a cheap price, the hand braided bracelets in the rasta colors.

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    Besides small pouches of coffee & small bottles of rum & different flavors of rum cream .... you can get the small bottles of different hot sauces & rubs ... like jerk sauce, etc. Also, shot glasses, coffee mugs, caps, wood carvings of all sizes & jewelry from the vendors on the beach, soaps & lotions, key chains .... don't think once you're there, you'll have a hard time finding tons of neat gift ideas.

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    We did the same thing last year and our wedding favor was a small jar of jerk rub for each couple/family. People loved it and I still get comments on how good it was. We bought it in bulk (something like 5 pounds) from a local spice shop, made up round labels with 2 palm trees and put Jamaica Me Crazy Jerk Rub and Marinade. Then we took small labels and printed the instructions on them and tied them to the jar. The jars held something like 2 or 2.5oz. which equalled 5 Tbs. and was the perfect amount specified for the marinade. I just pulled out one of the jars we had left over....smells just like jerk chicken. YUM! We also had plastic cups printed up with our Jamaican wedding date on one side and our party/reception date on the other. Still have about 50 of those left over...but people enjoyed them and took them home. I did a bunch of other things too (my husband tells me I'm a party addict) to make it Jamaican so if you want some more ideas send me an email at

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    It sounds like your reception will be after your return from CN.

    Just stroll down the beach to the right (when facing the ocean) past a couple other resorts, and you will find many, many local crafts people selling their wares. Also take the included "Walk to Craft Market" on Tuesday at 4:00 pm. You'll see it on the activity sheet they hand out at check-in.

    Take cash and small bills. The items usually start at about 4$ and go up from there. A lot of hand carved items and handmade jewelry.

    This way you will be helping the local crafters and providing authentic "Made by hand in Jamaica" items for your guests. You will also get to meet some of the local people. Just be sure to save enough room in you suitcases for the stuff you plan on getting.
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    I have a suggestion. I am a woodworker who specializes in one of a kind designs. I do scroll sawing, which is very intricate designs cut from wood and from paper. If you would like, I can send you my free
    to look over.
    We are long time repeaters to CTI. Jam
    aica is in my blood. You can contact me at
    I hope this helps.


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