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    Default Shuttle from Couples to MBJ

    Last week I took the bus shuttle from CN to MBJ. Unlike recent years the driver didn't go overboard asking for tips. In fact he didn't mention tips at all. He also did a very good tour guide show in pointing out the highlights between Negril and Montego Bay. I found this to be a huge step up and gave him twice the tip I otherwise would have. I'd just like to ask that everyone be considerate of the drivers. I'm sure they are paid, but I'm also sure that they are relying on tips. Be generous. This is not part of the all inclusive couples experience.

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    I thought the drivers were couples employees?

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    I would love something like that. All we got was an announcement of the town we were in. One driver stayed on his cell phone the whole trip and would slam on his brakes to put his seat belt on when he saw a cop.

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    I agree!

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    We always tip the driver. Many times we are the only ones who do. Sad state of affairs. I guess some people think the drivers are Couples employees and thus do not tip them.

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    Our driver on the way to resort was a tour guide, very personal and funny. On the way back our driver ( different gentlemen) was trying very hard to find out what happen to a lady's bag that didnt make it on the bus. Bag got on early bus and bet us to the airport. We tip both. And even if our driver wasnt very friendly we would tip him cause there is no way we could drive ourselves.

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    The drivers do NOT work for Couples. They are third party.

    Please show them respect, we try to do everything we can to help the Jamaican people on each visit.
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    We have had quiet drivers, we have had funny, and insightful drivers. I do think that many guests think they are Couples employees therefore, they do not tip. We had one that sooooo accommodating of a guest taking photos, that we thought we would never get to the resort. He kept slowing up and pulling over every time she pulled out her camera!

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