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    Default Does any golf during their stay?

    I know that golf and transportation are included, but does anyone play? Is it worth bringing clubs, shoes, etc?

    If so, what is the course like and how long does a round normally take?

    We will be staying at CSA from July 2-9 and our first time at couples. The more I read the less I think golf will fit into the day.



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    I took one day and went golfing while staying at CN. I didn't take my clubs or shoes, instead I took 3 golf balls and some tees and rented the clubs ($25usd). I went with a group of 11 other golfers and I was the only one that didn't take my clubs.

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    My husband and I both golf so we try to go golfing once during our stay.
    While it is not the grenest course we ever played, we do like Negril Hills. It is very hilly so we always get a cart. It also can be very hot, especially in July. I would suggest if you play, play in the morning. It will be cooler and we have had thunderstorms roll right after we finish 3/4 or the times we played.
    We are generally done by 12 so it takes about 3 and half hours or so.
    We usually call ahead and request our caddy who we have played with the last 4 years.
    My husband and I condense our clubs into one bag. We each bring about 6 or 7 clubs. It is not really a big deal travelling with them.

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    I did it once, first time to Jamaica and CN 3 years ago, have gone back to CN every year since, but not golfed but the first time. It was ok, read one of the posts here that said the course was in much better shape. My free golf cost over $100 by the time it was all said and done since I had nothing with me to golf with, it was a last minute decision on my part, and even if I had my stuff it would still cost. The only reason I do not go back-------------why let my golf game spoil my beach time? I decided I would rather be on the beach, I can golf at home where I have no beach.

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    When we were at CTI in 2005 we took our clubs and played twice. When we went to CSS in 2010 we decided it was not worth it to take them. Even though the green fees are "free" it still will cost you about $40 per person by the time you get done paying the caddie fee, the caddie tip, etc. You will be on a different course than the one we played but it was nice. Just not worth the trouble of packing clubs (especially if your airline charges for them) and the time and expense in our opinion.

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    We love our beach time but we do manage to golf when we're at CN. We fit it in by hiring a driver to pick us up at 6:30am. We tee off by 7:00, play 16 - 18 holes and have the driver pick us up at 10:00. We're backon the beach by 10:30 sipping Jamaican coffee and having a little breakfast.

    The course, Negril Hills, has not been hit by the "Augusta Effect". We still enjoy it as it's challenging and has its own character. It is hilly so it is a great morning workout for us. Just don't expect it to look anything close to a resort course in the USA.


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    My hubby is a huge golfer, in fact, he works at a golf course, so any time he gets a chance to play he's out on the course. However, he does not bring his clubs to Jamaica. He doesn't want to deal with the hassle of packing his clubs etc. and losing a day at the resort to play golf. I think the shuttle leaves at 8 or 8:30 am and returns around 4? I was surprised when he first made this decision, but I really can't complain as it's more romantic for me to not have him golfing!

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    I have just about finished my vacation here and played 6 rounds of golf at Negril Hills - I have always brought my own clubs, and would not think of renting. We talked to a couple of guys who rented clubs this year and they had not issue with the rentals.

    The one thing that we did different this year was leave our clubs at Negril Hills. It was so nice no to have to carry the clubs back and forth every day.

    We usually do nine holes in the afternoon (leave at 1:00 PM and back at 4:30 PM) - that leaves us with the morning to spend on the beach and we are still back in enough time to have some time at the pool bar and then watch the sunset.

    If you do decide to walk - ask for Shaaron or Steacie for your caddies. They are both great caddies.


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    In 7 trips to Jamaica I only golfed the first trip back in '03. I love to golf and have a permanent tee time on Sunday mornings at home so I thought it would be great... and it was free!
    Free was about $100 as other have mentioned since I didn't bring anything with me.
    I ended up quitting after about 12 holes since I felt guilty leaving my wife at the beach (she doesn't golf). We usually travel to Couples by ourselves (we did go with a few other couples on 2 trips though) and I'd rather spend the quality time with her. I get plenty of golf in at home
    I guess if you go with a group or your wife golfs, it would be a better time.
    If you do go, pack tees, balls, glove etc and save yourself some money. Just rent the clubs & tip the caddy, it'll save you about $50.

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    When do you pay for what you use on the golf trip? (clubs, carts, etc.) can it be charged to your room or do you have to pay at Negril Hills that day?

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