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    Default Question about CTI activities

    My husband and I are headed to CTI (and Jamaica) for the first time in May to celebrate our late (been married almost 2 years!) honeymoon.

    I want to take advantage of the activities, specifically the Dunn River Falls trip, horseback riding, and snorkeling. How long do these activities take? We will be in town for 6 nights and my husband wants to make sure we have enough "lounge time" that's not filled with scheduled activities.

    Any other tips for our first trip to CTI?

    43 days and counting!

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    Its a shame no one responded. I am going for my first trip in 9 days and was thinking the same things you were. If you now have answers, please share.

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    You will have so much fun! It was our first time in January, and we're already planning a return trip the same time next year.
    For Dunns River, you don't have to reserve anything - just show up at the lobby before 9 a.m. Water shoes are required. You can either bring your own or rent or buy from there. This trip is a few hours and a must do. The horseback riding you do have to make a reservation. The day you arrive (or next day), go to the guest services desk and book your tour. Be sure to pack long pants, and sneakers for that excursion. It's a nice relaxing tour with very tame horses. I hadn't gone riding for over 20 years and I managed just fine. Bring your camera as they stop several times for some scenic shots, plus they give you a little talk about the island and it's fruits, etc. This tour is about 2 1/2 hours and can be either a morning ride or afternoon ride. The other thing to book early is the catamaran cruise. It's a lot of fun and they stop at a quiet spot for a swim. The cruise is about 2 hours long in the afternoon.
    One other suggestion, to celebrate your anniversary, book a private dinner for two on the beach. You have a nice candlelit dinner, a private waiter and the most delicious meal. We had lobster tail and beef welligton. This is an extra cost, but very well worth it.

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    Dunn's will be the longest at about half a day. You should be able to fit your activities in and relax as well. Have fun.

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    The horseback riding is total about 4 hours. Do the morning ride. Not sure about Dunn's River Falls, but probably about 4-5 hours too. Snorkeling is about an hour and is done right from the shore of the resort. You really shouldn't schedule too much. There is a lot to do on the resort and laying around is the best when you're on vacation. Hang out at the swim up bar in the afternoon if you wanna have some fun. The activities people come over there and do games. It's very lively. Enjoy!

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    Dunns and Horseback riding head out around 9.00 or 8.45 am and take most of the morning, Dunns is at 9.00 and goes on a little longer. Not sure about the snorkeling as I only dived. I would suggest the try dive it will take out a morning but if oyu like snorkeling you may well end up hooked on diving. The dive guys are a great bunch of lads, if you dive and meet up with them remind me to the,
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    Dunn's River and Horseback riding are about 3 hours long. Snorkeling is about 1 hour. You will still have plenty of 'lounge' time.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Follow your husband's advice (smart man!) and try not to do it all and not leave enough "lounge time".
    We did the horseback riding and it took up the whole morning since we went at 11:00. it was worth it though. I'd do it, since they plan to stop offering it as an inclusion. If you can, go with the early morning one. It will leave you with the whole day, and if it's hotter than when we were there the horses will be happier earlier.
    We did the cat cruise and since it's late afternoon we'd already had beach time.
    Personally I wouldn't waste my time again with off-resort shopping. It's a lot of junk out there and hassling people. We had resort credit so we saved time and shopped at the resort anyway. JMO
    Snorkeling won't take up too much time at all. We skipped Dunn's, and the red flag weather kept us from diving and snorkeling... so we had lots of down time... and met lots of great people. Win-win
    My advice... sign up when you get there for the things that require early sign-up. You can always cancel if you end up not feeling like doing something. Don;t push yourself to do too much and go home feeling like you didn't relax enough. Couples certainly offers more than the average couple has time to do!

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    Try the Island, you will not regret it.

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    "You can always cancel if you end up not feeling like doing something." And do cancel. It bugs me when I have to wait while they call the room and spend time trying to track people down who have changed their mind about participating.

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    I have a question about the Catamaran cruise at CT. Does it go to the Cliffs where they cliff dive and you can swim into the caves like they do at CN?

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    We went to CTI last year on our honeymoon and wanted to have mostly lounging relaxing time, but also take advantage of the excursions included. Overall we did Dunn's River (my fav.), glass bottom boat, sailing, couples massages, & catamaran cruise (another fav.). We decided to schedule 1 planned thing a day so that there wasn't one day packed with excursions, and then a bunch with nothing to do.
    Like others have said-Dunn's River is about a 1/2 day excursion. The glass bottom boat I really liked and was the next longest of ours at about an hour hour and a half. Not really sure on the time because we never looked at a clock unless we had dinner reservations!!! Sailing for us ended up being really short because of the weather. You just never know where the day will take you. You will definitely have enough lounge time, still take advantage of the activities-you paid for them!

    You will have an amazing time at CTI. We did, and can't wait to return in Dec!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ah13 View Post
    I have a question about the Catamaran cruise at CT. Does it go to the Cliffs where they cliff dive and you can swim into the caves like they do at CN?
    CTI is on the North Coast and CN is on the West Coast, so no it doesn't go to the cliffs. It goes out away from the coast and towards Ocho Rios then anchors in a bay with calm clear water for swimming. Very fun trip.

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