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Thread: CSS or CTI?????

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    Default CSS or CTI?????

    I got married at CSA and I am looking to go back to a Couples Resort. Please tell me some positive and negatives for CSS and CTI.


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    CTI does not have the beach that CSA does, but that also means there are no other guests from other resorts or vendors on the beach.It is more compact Rooms are in building with 2-5 floors. Rooms on ocean side are very close to the ocean. No noise from jet skis, motor boats on the ocean. Only boat is CTI's boat. CSS bigger beach, still private, more traffic in front on the water as it is closer to Ocho Rios. Lots of steps. Built on cliffs. More food choices at CTI,they have Patio Buffet, 8 Rivers, Verandah and Bayside for dinner. Patio Buffet and continental room service for breakfast. Patio Buffet, Pool Grill, Veggie Bar for lunch. Main Bar, Swim Bar at the pool in front of the resort and on the resort. Piano Bar. Late night food at the pool grill. Full Room service will begin in mid August as well as all rooms will have mini bars beginning sometime in August. Amazing staff at CTI! We have only visited during the day at CSS. All rooms are suites.

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    CTI ~ Positive: Small resort, fabulous staff, incredible spa
    Negative: "Hotel" style with most things reached via a common building. You don't do much wandering outside.

    CSS ~ Positive: Most romantic of the four resorts. Incredible lush vegetation. SSB, best nude beach in Jamaica. Wonderful grounds for long walks. Friday night Gala, incredible. Massages in huts with waves crashing the rocks below.
    Negative: Stairs, stairs, stairs! (Although they are good for working off the calories.) Much quieter than the other four resorts. (could be good or bad)

    Neither one has a great beach (compared to CSA), but CTI's beach doesn't have the seaweed in the ocean like CSS' does.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Some of the positives are as follows:
    Larger resort (more spread out) Smaller resort (more compact)
    Main beach and AN beach Main beach and AN island
    Lots of room to explore More restaurants
    Starlight Gala More excursions
    Beautiful sunsets
    Room service (all meals + snacks)

    Some of the negatives are as follow:
    Lots of stairs Small property (not much room)
    Fewer restaurants Can only see a sunset from pier
    High-rise (hotel) feel

    We won't tell you which resort to choose as there are good and better at both. You'll need to determine what's important to you and choose the resort that most meets what you're looking for.

    Bart & Bug

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