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    Default Upgraded Wines at CSS

    Now that I know I can use our rewards for upgrading wines, is the only place I can do this at the Cassanova? What about through room service?
    If anyone has upgraded their wine do you remember what the choices are? I'm no wine snob but do like have some sort of selection.

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    I think the only place you could not upgrade the wine was at Bella Vista. I recall getting a wine list at the other restaurants and I think there was also one in our room. We never upgraded the wine so I can't help you with what is available.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We upgraded our champagne to Veuve Cliquot at the Friday night Starlight Gala. It was lovely!

    Have a wonderful trip!


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    I was able to get a bottle from a wine list at Pallazina.
    Casanova has a better house wine available than the other restaurants. It may be worth a try.

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