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    We will also be first timers there in May ( 19-24), I'm in my 30's and my girlfriend is 23. No worries my friend!!

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    Greetings All, We will be there Apr.30-May 7. This will be the first time for both of us to go AN. We probably would not have gone to the island if this MB didn't exist so we wanted to thank everyone for their informative and honest input.

    So it looks we're going with the plan of "First morning:Breakfast,Liquid Courage,Island!" Looking forward to meeting some new friends and having a great week in Paradise! Amanda & Dan

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    Default 1st Trip

    Couldnt agree with you more. My wife and I are going to be making our first trip in May. This Message Board is great and offers alot of insight and advice

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    My wife is more like 40lbs overweight according to some chart that some people keep. She does actually have the perfect body(in my mind) She was also very reluctant to try an AN beach. We were in CSS this past Feb for our first time. She waited until the second day our first morning to give it a try. Less than 24 hours after hitting Jamaica she was already on an AN beach. We were both stone cold sober and a bit nervous. Within an hour we felt very comfortable with being there and like has been said several time before no one care and all are very friendly when you do decide to join them. We are in our mid 40s and there are a lot of people older and younger every shape and size imaginable. this is the ultimate hang out to just relax and enjoy the best of everything. No judging and awesome tans! We can't wait to get back and enjoy this agaian.

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    I would like to thanks to everyone that has posted I hope to meet some of you when we arrive on the 30th. thanks Tammy

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    Burt and Diana here. We are one of the 5 couples Sandan mentioned above.We all met on Sunset Beach at San Souci butt naked and have been friends from that moment. My wife and I will be there the same 4/30-5/7. By all means go to the island the first day. You will not regret it. If you wait until the last day you will be kicking yourself until next year.
    Come join in. You will find there is only one other thing more fun naked. Tower Time!!!!

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    My first time to go AN was March 30, our first full day at CTI this year. I'm probably slightly more self-conscious in a swimsuit now than I am naked now! You can interact as much or as little as you want with other couples on the island. We ended up in or around the pool much of the time and made some great new friends there. As others have mentioned, it seems AN screens out the jealous and unfriendly people. There were all ages there, though my boyfriend was often the "island baby" at 28. (I think it takes a lot of us a few years to grow confident/unconcerned enough to bare all.)

    It was a great experience, and I encourage everyone who is even remotely considering it to try it out!

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    This is one of the best threads ever regarding the Couples A/N experience. So much solid, heartfelt and accurate advice. Thanks for getting it started Tammy. I hope that what posters have said will re-assure you that to spend time at the au-natural facilities at Couples is a wonderful and unique experience. As one poster said, most of us middle-agers wish we had discovered these places earlier in our lives.

    To my amazing wife and me, Sunset Beach is our once a year paradise. It is indescribable to those who have not tried it. When people become aware that we go to a "nude beach!..." often they tilt their head, scrunch up their face and look perplexed as if we were suddenly aliens from another planet. Some assume we are "swingers" or do it so as to stare at naked bodies. Well, I just smile and say "don't judge what you don't know." It is hard for us as humans to let go of pre-conceived notions, but very liberating when we do. As another poster said, the willingness to go au-natural seems to screen out most who are close-minded, intolerant or simply wound too tight to give it a try. Be aware, I'm NOT SAYING that everyone on the textile beach is like that. Just that the people at the nude beach seem to share a common openness and friendly attitude about themselves and others.

    A heartfelt thank-you to the Couples management and staff for having these au-natural facilities. I'm sure there are various pressures and complexities that they create for Couples. Let me say, please keep them, they are more than just "facilities." They are truly an oasis for many Couples guests. I know that, as wonderful as Sans Souci is in total, Sunset Beach (AND the people we meet there!) is what keeps us coming back year in and year out.

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    I agree with fabfifty. Lots of good advise and input from those who have discovered the freedom A/N offers. One thing interesting is that all the posts are the same in several ways. Scared and nervous before, lovin it after 15 minutes, friendliest people, can't wait to get back.

    Once you go, you know

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    Wow, I'm so glad to have found this thread! My husband and I will be at CSS for first time 4/30-5/7 and I was so excited but nervous to do the nekkid thing. I used to frequent Gunnison Beach in NJ and loved the Freeing feeling and non-judgemental people. It's been a long time though and about 20 lb added on so I was afraid that at a resort like Couples everyone would be a Ken and Barbie pointing and laughing lol!. I can't wait to head over to the au natural pool bar now! Thanks to everyone for your input to Tammy, you've helped another scaredy cat too :-)

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    Default Kristin Lynn, don't worry!!!

    SSB is a million times better than Sandy Hook. Only couples, and all great people....No lurkers, no clothed people walking around and staring at you....Everyone is the same...The only thing people notice is what drink you are having, and what drink to have next!
    We are all the same size at SSB.
    See you soon!
    CSS 4/27-5/4
    B Block

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    Sitting on the reg. Beach right now at cti...My wife and I experienced the island for the first time yesterday.....The experience was great and not intimidating in any way. Looking forward to CSS an beach tomm.....FYI. The wireless works great, even on the beach via my ipod

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    we will be at CN april 28 to may 4.. hoping to get my wife to use the AN beach.. It sounds like fun.

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    My wife and I are planning our first trip to css. I am trying to convince her to try the AN beach. She has many if the same hang ups that others have commented on. 34, a little over weight 3 kids and everything that comes with them. Any suggestions on getting her to try it? I myself am overweight my personality is way more laid back than hers. We plan on being there next June depending on her military deployment return

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    Hi tms, your fears are natural but you will soon find that they are not worth the waste of negative emotion. 25lbs overwight? That is nothing, believe me! Really!

    Park yourself in front of your computer and read through this...

    After your vacation come back to the above thread and let us have some feedback. As it will help you your feedback and joy of the nekkid experience will help many others.

    Have a great time and, as we all say, 'once you go, you'll know!'

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    You have no worries on the island. You will find the most non-judgmental, friendly, nicest people there. Be assured that you will probably not be any of the following:

    1. The oldest.
    2. The youngest.
    3. The smallest.
    4. The biggest.
    5. The loudest.
    6. The quietest.

    You will probably fit somewhere in the middle. Best thing is.... NO ONE CARES... NO ONE JUDGES....
    Be free and enjoy.

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    I was a first-timer in early May. I'd lost about 25lbs but am still "fluffy" by another 30-40lbs. But I was determined to do it because my boyfriend raved about being AN. He didn't actually think I would. However, I did and it was the greatest feeling.... nobody is judgemental. I only recall one "perfect" body and she was so drunk she wasn't even attractive at that point.

    Go and try it... if you don't like it put your clothes on and head back to the land of textiles....... after all you've only got one live to live.

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    I wanted to bucket list the AN with no expectation of liking husband was adamantly opposed.We were at css last week.Went way over to the far end of husband a drink after a while we wandered over to the pool.Everyone was sooo friendly .. without pulling at your suit, sucking it in and all that, it is such a different vibe.It's all hanging's not sexy, just freeing!Most of the people there were late thirties and up..I didn't see any supermodels there..myself included.So kickback and fun..spent the rest of our afternoons there.

    Now my reluctant husband wont stop taking his clothes off and walking around the house..I created a monster!

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    Once you have tried AN, you will hate going to the textile beach. Try it, you'll like it and you won't regret it all.

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    Chacy, I am just like your husband. I was the reluctant one four years ago who agreed to do it for my husband. Now when it is just the two of us in the house, especially at night and early morning, I am without clothing. I am even back to sleeping AN (Which prior to this I hadn't really done much of since we had our children 30+ years ago). It has nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with comfort and non-constricting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by futureMrsCowan View Post
    Tammy, first, I'm sure you're a beautiful woman and I'm sure your husband thinks so too. you're in good company here as I too am about 25lbs over what I should be. That being said, my soon-to-be husband thinks I am one sexy lady. That's all that matters to me. I'll be a AN first timer here in a few weeks and the way I feel about it is, hey if you don't like it then bug off. I can't tell you how many years I've spent worried about what other people thought. Now I just don't care. I like me and the man of my dreams loves me, so what else matters?
    And you don't get a chance to walk around nekkid in paradise everyday right? Carpe Diem my friend!!
    That's one of the best posts I've read in a long time. I too spent too many years concerned about what others thought of me. What a waste of energy!

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    My wife and I just returned from our first stay at Couples (CTI) and our first AN experience

    Since this was a 'surprise' trip for my wife she didn't know anything about the resort or the 'island' beforehand - so unlike most newbies who have weeks to talk and discuss the prospect of going over, it wasn't until we were already on the plane that we even had a chance to discuss it - we were both a little reluctant at first but came to the agreement that we would at least give it a shot and see if we liked it...

    Based on the overwhelming advice to try it on the first day we did... well needless to say, we didn't need a bathing suit for the rest of the trip!

    The first 20-30 min was definately 'different' - having never done anything like this before it can definately be a little overwhelming - we're no Ken and Barbie - a lot closer to "average" - and I'm carrying around a good 20-25 extra pounds - we started out by heading over to the right side of the island and we were both nervous as we dis-robed... then of course came that nerve racking realization that one of us would have to get up to get drinks! I was somewhat comfortable by then but I knew my wife was still a little nervous so I persuaded her to get up and get the drinks because I knew if I got up to get the drinks she would've stayed on her lounge chair and that would've been the routine for the rest of the trip... (go over to the right, get on the lounge chairs, me get the drinks)

    So I persuaded her to get up and get them... because I was hoping that once she got up and walked around a little she would begin to get more comfortable and relax.... and boy was I was right (thank god)... Once she got up, got drinks, and walked around a little she started to relax and enjoyed herself and the feeling of being free of textiles...

    By the end of the first day we were in the pool making new friends! Needless to say we spent the rest of our time on the island in the pool socializing and spent the majority of our time at CTI on the island - we really only left to go to Dunn's River, Horseback Riding, and of course dinner.... by the third day we were complaining that the island closed too early lol! ;p

    We saw everyone from early 20's all the way up to 60/70+ and all shapes and sizes... no one is there to judge, no one is there to gawk and look, no one really cares what you look like, no one cares if you have a few extra pounds... it's not about that, its not about your weight or your body type... everyone is just there to enjoy the AN experience with their loved one....

    We found that it was extremely relaxing to be AN on the beach and found that nobody is there to judge what you look like - in fact we felt that everyone there were MORE friendly and less judgemental than the people on the textile beach... there's something very 'free'-ing about being AN in paradise!

    And no worries about people not adhering to the rules... the staff there is wonderful - the staff will usually ask if it's the first time to the island and will explain the rules on the boat ride over however there was an instance or two where the couples might not have know the rules or they weren't informed on the ride over and the staff on the island was quick to inform them

    My take is this:
    Whether we all would like to admit it or not when we're clothed our first impression of someone is usually how they're dressed/what they look like... it's just human nature... So we immediately (albeit subconsciously) form an opinion of someone based on what they're wearing and then it's up to their personality to either confirm or deny our initial impression...

    However on the island, when you're free of textiles - you're personality is all you have! and we found that without the restrictions of clothes it really enables everyone to truely get to know the person, and not the perception - and like I said before the people there are just more friendly and outgoing than the people on the textile side...

    We cannot wait to go back 'home' to the island... the saying is 100% true... "Once you go, you know"

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    TandT, this is a great review and will be especially helpful to others who may be in a 'shall we shan't we?' frame of mind. May I ask if you would kindly cut and paste your reiew into the 'feedback after your vacation' thread somewhere near here on this section of the website. I am sure that the fact you decided at the last minute will also prove helpful to others. Welcome to the Couples AN fold! Irie mon!

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    No Problem Mon! Everyting Irie

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