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    Default jacuzzis at CSA?

    Hello! How many jacuzzis are there at CSA? I'm thinking 2, but not sure... I coudln't find it anywhere... thanks

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    I'm thinking two at the GreatHouse complex, one big one at the center of the property, one small one at the far north end of the property, and one at the sports complex... make that two at the sports complex, because there is that remarkable pool at the spa!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I can think of three:

    In the middle of the verandah suites buildings, one by the pool in front of the great house (I think), and one by the lap pool on the other side of the road.

    We have only used the ones by the verandah suites and the lap pool, so I am sure of those. But it seems to me there is one by the Great House as well. I could be wrong.

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    There are actually 5 over the whole resort, just got back and we went on the tour and were told the resort, including the sports centre have 5.


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    There are two by the swim up bar pool, one on either side. Those are the largest ones as far as I know.

    There is another one sort of in the middle of the property but still on the newer side. That one is near some of the OVS.

    I have never seen the one by the main pool in front of the Palms in working order but it is there. Every time we have been there it says it is closed for maintenance. I don't know if it is always closed or if this is just a fluke. This is the smallest one and that pool is never very crowded so it's not a big deal.

    There is also one in the sports complex near the lap pool.

    The last one I can think of is in the spa and is used by people after they get a massage or other spa treatment.

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    If you look at the interactive map for CSA you can see many of them in those virtual tours. I don't think you can see all of them but you can see the ones in the spa, by the lap pool and by the swim up bar for sure.

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    There is one near the pool by the Palms; one in the middle of the resort in between two beachfront verandah suite buildings; 2 huge ones in the swim-up pool bar area; and one in the sports complex at the back of the lap pool.

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    There are 5. One is by Plams, two are by Patios, one is in the middle of resort, and one more across street by the spa. The one by Palms is our favorite. most nights we had it all to ourselves.

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    There are two at the swim up bar. There is one in the middle of the resort in front of the Ocean Verandah Suites and I think there is one over at the Sports Complex. We loved the one in the middle of the resort. You could sit in there and look at the sea while sipping a nice cocktail.

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