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    Default 10 days, split stay?

    My wife has expressed interest in possibly doing 10 days for her 40th birthday this November, a split stay at Sans Souci and Negril.
    How do we arrange this with Couples? Is it best to call them directly?
    Also, what would be the transportation from the two resorts?
    Finally, for anyone that has done the split stay, would you recommend it? My concern is that unless the transportation between the two resorts leaves early, we may "waste" a half day or longer.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I would not want to split a stay of that length but everyone is different. Since you lose so much time on your travel days it is like splitting an 8 day stay, plus you lose that travel time between resorts. I think that would be just perfect for a stay at one resort though!

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    You can book the trip anyway you want to through a TA, online, or directly through Couples. If you book through Couples it is considered two bookings and you will need to pay two deposits, but only one trip insurance fee.

    The resort will provide transportation to shuttle you from one resort to the other.

    The earlier you go in the day (6am), the less time it will take you to transfer between resorts as the traffic will be less.

    10 days is enough time to split a trip, but we prefer to do it with 14 days. If we go for 10 days we just stay at the same resort. I just hate the packing and unpacking. That also takes away from beach time.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    I would consider TimAir if (Sans Souci and Negril are pretty far away, right?).

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    Timair quoted me $650 for two people to go from San Souci (actually it was the airport in Ohco Rios) to Negril. Don't know if that has changed with all the fuel pricechanges.

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    We have done a 10 day split with 3 at CSS and 7 at CN. We have since been back to CSS to more times and a bunch more to CN. We did take the TImAir flight but it was expensive and even more so now. I understand that Couples will now provide direct transportation from one site to another without an airport stop. I have heard of times of under 3 hours! If you're not able to book a trip with Resort Credit, you don't need to worry about a stay of less than 7 days so a five/five split would work out great. We may do another 3/7 split but take the van this time and enjoy the ride.

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    I would split CSA and CN. They are not far from each other so you won't lose as much time on the travel between resorts. We considered doing this but decided to stay at CSA for the ten days (5/7-5/17). We have split time between resorts before but it was for 14 nights so seven at each resort.

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    I highly recommend a split stay. We've done it 3 times, and each time it was a 10 day vacation. Now..for us,we like a 3/7 split. 3 at one of the Ocho Rios resorts and then 7 nights at CSA. And the transfer was no problem. First time we took airlink,( only paid$160 total) Fast and fun flight but current cost for flight is way out of our budget.2nd split stay we paid for a private ride. No problem. Then this last trip I found out Couples will provide a direct resort to resort transfer at no cost to us. No brainer there, before we arrived had them set up a 7 am transfer. The day of the transfer we were on the beach at CSA shorty after the beach bar opened.

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    Default We're doing it!

    But we're staying 5 nights at CSA and then another 7 at CTI.. Would have been 7/7 but we coundn't talk FH's work to let him have anymore time away.

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    Thanks all for the great replies!
    Right now, it's looking like Sans Souci for 3 nights then Negril for 7! Now if I can just convince my wife to try the AN beach, we will have less packing to worry about!!!

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    Great plan and good luck!

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