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    Default Best resort for a small wedding?

    My fiance and I are planning on getting married at one of the resorts the second week of June, we just can't decide on which one to do it at! It will just be the two of us because we really want it to be about us and we don't want to have a big traditional wedding just because everyone does that. I am leaning towards Negril or Sans Souci but just can't decide. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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    All of them.

    Check out photos, reviews, inclusions, and choose one that calls to will.

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    Any of the resorts are wonderful for small weddings and Couples does it up right.

    What other things are you looking for in your weddingmoon? That would help us out in pointing you in a direction that might work best for you. Otherwise your requirement of a small wedding works for all 4 resorts.
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    If you are wanting a sunset wedding you should do with Negril as the sun sets over the water on that side of the island. I would just go with whichever resort seems most appealing for a honeymoon since they all will work for a small or large wedding. We went with CSA for our vow renewal and it was great but any of them would be great.

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    Well for starters pictures of the wedding are vey important since none of our family and friends will be there to witness it. Beautiful wedding site scenery and a great photographer are at the top of our list for what we want in regards to the wedding. As for the honeymoon part, we are really looking for a fun, relaxed atmosphere with a great beach and great pool.

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    Either of the Negril resorts would work. Going to CSA in 27 days for trip#4 yea!

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    My wife and I were married at CSS with our kids there from our first marriages. Six of us in total and it was amazing. The wedding takes place in a secluded gazebo on top of a rock ledge over the lapping waves of the Caribbean waters. A tree lines stone path and patio area makes this a very private area for your special day and the view from the wedding gazebo will make for some amazing wedding photos. We even had cake and champagne there after the vows. I was at CSA last year and weddings take place on the beach with bathers in the background and often walking right through the ceremony. Not very romantic if you ask me.

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    I agree with rckbert. When we were at CSA we witnessed weddings on the beach, and I just thought that it was not that special. The gazebo at CSS looks so romantic and would definitely be a better setting for pictures.

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    I've been to both resorts and actually got married at CSS last April. My husband and I had been to CN twice before going to CSS to get married but after watching a couple of weddings at CN I knew that wasn't where I wanted to do it. One couple got married on the CN beach but it was right next to the AuNaturel beach where we were sitting. I told my husband to cover himself up since it was obvious the poor bride didn't know where to look and was embarrassed. (she was facing us somewhat and we did get up and go into the water to give them privacy) Also at CN is a small gazebo to get married in but its by the pond and not the most spectacular spot. I was sold on CSS when I saw the gazebo on the cliff and that's what we did. We had 2 other couples with us but with just the 2 of you it will be perfect too. Since its not near the beach you have a lot more privacy. They inform guests using the walkway that takes you near the gazebo with a sign asking for "quiet please" during your ceremony. If you get married on the CSS beach there will be guests watching but they are covered in swimsuits and such. We saw a young couple do that and we all cheered and congratulated them when it was over.
    One last thing, I highly recommend the Jamaican Wedding Cake. It is fabulous. I'd be happy to answer any questions if you have them.

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    I would say CSS also. It has an amazing setting for weddings and I've heard it's the most romantic resort. Good luck. You really can't go wrong with any of them.

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    CSS is without a doubt the most romantic of the four Couples resorts. I would do it there.
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    CSS is very romantic, that would be my choice for a small wedding. The gazebo location is lovely. Much nicer than a beach wedding, and more private.
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    For a great beach and a great pool, I would suggest CN. CN has a great beach and the largest pool of the 4 resorts.

    There are a couple options for a wedding site at CN. The beach is really nice and they just put up a new wedding arch or there is the garden gazebo. Both are very nice.
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    Well, I beg to differ about the CSA. We were married there, on the beach, with 14 guests. We didn't have people wandering through the ceremony! They post a "Wedding in progress" sign and have staff keep people at a distance. Most people are very respectful of your wedding as well and wouldn't dream of interferring. They may watch and clap at the end though. We didn't mind that at all. Our photos don't have peopel in them either. We loved everything about our wedding at CSA.
    However, if you want a completely private wedding then I wouldn't go with the beach at CSA or CN.
    CSS and CTI have "private" beaches, but they're small and you still have other resort guests around, so it still wouldn't be totally private either.
    I wasn't personally impressed with the garden location at CSA. If you want a gazebo wedding, then I would go with CSS for sure. The gazebo on the cliffs is very intimate and private, great for very small weddings.

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    In my opinion,CSS is the best resort for any size wedding..
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    I vote with Tommywommy!
    CSS would be an absolutely wonderful spot for any size wedding!


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    We are getting married at CSS in October, and we picked this resort because of the privacy both gazeboo and beach. We hired Diana Campbell an outside photographer and her son to do photos and video as it will also just be us and we want fabulous video and photos to share with family when we get home as well. I really dont think you can go wrong, just depends on what you want. Smaller, romantic, just the two of you then I think CSS but you can still do lots of fun stuff before and after the big day so relax, enjoy and congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grayturtless View Post
    I agree with rckbert. When we were at CSA we witnessed weddings on the beach, and I just thought that it was not that special. The gazebo at CSS looks so romantic and would definitely be a better setting for pictures.

    I am sure it might have not veeb special for you but maybe for the couple. I am getting married there so I am hoping it will be.

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    I agree with jamaicamecrazy. We got married at CSA on the beach and it was very special. It wasn't totally private but people respected our space. I didn't notice anyone walking by during the ceremony as there are signs. I wouldn't do anything different if I could do it over.
    I have been to CSS and just as most everyone else, the gazebo is a very private and awesome place to get married.

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    This is to LRisley,
    We got married at CSS and used Diana Campbell and her son as a photographer/videographer and they did a great job. They showed up early to film and capture all the preperation for the wedding from my wife's hair and manicure, to her getting dressed, to the wedding, and even the final sunset at the end of the day. You will be very happy with her work. She knows the resort and all the picture locations. I hope you have a great life together.

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