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    Default Give a 1st Timer some advice

    Ok, so I am 5 days out from my 1st trip to a Couples resort. I am going to CTI. What is a must do or see for a first timer?
    Thank you in advance,

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    I would start with the Au Natural island. Please, please don't leave that for your last day. After that if you can leave the island, do Dunn's River, catamaran, maybe shopping There are some other activities such as going to Nine mile. The birthplace of Bob Marley and his burial spot. Appleton rum tour and Blue mountain coffee tour. These all take up pretty much 1/2 to all of the day.
    Remember!! Don't leave the island for your last day. You'll be sorry.

    This information is being brought to you by Richie,A.K.A. Crabracer. A long time repeater to CTI. I am not paid for my advice, nor do I represent the resort in any way.

    And welcome to the Couples family

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    1st timers should definitely do Dunns and the horseback riding! There is soooo much to do that you can use it as your excuse to go back! We had all red flag days, so the water activities were limited or non existant... so that's our excuse for next year! But even not getting to do those things will do nothing to change the fact that you WILL have an INCREDIBLE time! CTI will become the new home away from home that you never knew you needed!

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    Default Don't miss....

    The Dunns River Falls trip, enjoy every bit of all the water activities you can learn at CTI, beach bbq, shopping is an experience in itself, make sure to go. Check out the au natural island, go over early on the 9 a.m. boat no one is over there yet, you can say at least you checked it out. You also get awesome pictures from over there. The catamaran sunset sail is a blast especially on the way back. We are going this September and can't wait for our 4th trip there. We were there in 1982, 2007, 2009 and this year. Enjoy No problems mon!!

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    Hi! We just got back from CTI last Friday and it was AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!! We went on the horseback riding excursion and loved it! It was much more than just a ride - very beautiful scenery, learned about the history and got a cocnut harvesting demonstration and got to taste fresh coconut water and coconut meat. Don't miss it - and do the early morning time. Also, please experience the island at least once. We went on our second day and went back every day! There are folks of ALL ages,all shapes and sizes, nobody cares, nobody stares - it's VERY comfortable and you will love it there! They have a fully stocked bar, lovely pool, and they bring a great buffet lunch out every day. Have a GREAT time!!

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    All the included trips, Dunn's River, horseback riding, and cat cruise. Be sure to eat at both reservation restaurants.( 8 Rivers and Bayside ). If you like coffee, try a coffeeitini., if you like chocolate try a chocotini. Even if you are not interested in healthy food, try the veggie grill on the beach - great place. TRY THE ISLAND ! If it is your first time, go to the right for more privacy. If privacy not an issue, go by the pool bar. Need some privacy, sneak away to the spa late at night , for the jacuzzi. Also, say " Hi " to the parrots.

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    -Sign up for excursions/dinner reservations ASAP. We figured everything out the night we got there and booked everything and had no problems. Some people wait and get mad when nothing is available when they want it!
    -GO on the Catamaran cruise!!! SO much fun.
    -Go to the hot tub/pool at the spa after hours.
    -Relax and enjoy everything! WE LOOOOVED CTI.

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    we're a couple first timers too at CTI arriving on the 2nd. Hook up with us and we'll be newbies together!

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    I with everyone else saying Dunns and I would also back the horseback riding although it can leave you feeling sore if like us you don't ride.
    The big one for me though would be to receommend the try dive if you are not qualified divers. I managed 15 dives as a qualified diver at the strt of March and the dive team are a great bunch of guys.
    Most of all though go enjoy and relax, you will love it and have made a great choice.
    We envy you going out there, it looks as though it will be 2013 before we make it back home.
    Regards Dave and Chell

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayjo30 View Post
    we're a couple first timers too at CTI arriving on the 2nd. Hook up with us and we'll be newbies together!
    Hey we will see u on the 4th

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    Thank you all for the great info! I am so excited to go.

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