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    Does anyone know how long it takes to go to CN from Kingston Airport and about how much it costs? Is there a preferred way to get there(taxi,limo)?
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    It would be easier to fly than drive. Id guess at least 3-4 hours to drive. It'd be an awesome flight to see the island.

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    I believe it is around 4 hours by ground. There is no Couples shuttle to or from Kingston so you will have to arrange a taxi or could choose. Curious why you are flying in to Kingston? In general it is not a place recommended for tourists, though some have gone there it is not recommended. Kingston is the hub of the violence in Jamaica and you can find yourself in trouble quickly, particularly if there is any unrest. The airport in Montego Bay is where ESSENTIALLY all tourists arrive and depart, it is safer and the folks there are more accustomed to helping you get where you are going.

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    Can I ask why you want to go to Kingston airport?
    Most flights are to Montego Bay.

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    Default Kingston To CN

    The easiest way to do this is to take an Air Jamaica flight from Kingston Manley airport to Montego Bay airport. The flight is 45 minutes long and costs approx US162.00 including taxes. We have done this many, many times You would then take the Couples shuttle from Montego bay airport to CN.

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