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    Default Included trips at CSA

    Where do the current included trips at CSA take you? I heard one takes you to the caves or is it "The Caves" resort. Hoping to do both. Also would like to cliff dive.

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    I don't think there are any trips included other than what is on the website. The only things that take you off the property other than water sports are the catamaran cruise, shopping trip and sunset bar trip.

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    Just returned from CSA three weeks ago. Presently, there is a complimentary shuttle to The Sands on Wed. @ 5:00pm. This bar is the private outdoor bar for The Caves located next door and open to the public on occasion. You may jump off the cliffs if you like. One would pay for any drinks and jerk chicken that is being cooked($6.00/plate) but the best part is the amazing sunset one will see on the cliffs.

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    My husband and I took the trip from CSA to Rick's so he could dive. The tour desk has all the times and costs. I thinnk we left at 4p.m. and returned after sunset.

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    What is the sunset bar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    What is the sunset bar?
    It's the Cave bar. Every time we are there they call it the sunset bar trip because you are there at sunset and it is a bar.

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