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    Default Ricks from CSA - Included or not?

    I've always read different reports about whether or not a trip to Ricks was I included at CSA. I don't remember it when we were there before but there wasn't a list of I inclusions anywhere that we saw either.

    I'd love to go one night while we are there but wondering how to do it. Should I arrange a transfer with CSA or hire a driver? How much is cover or drinks there? I might wait to see what bands are playing.

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    If you go to the desk with all the excursions, there is one where they take you and bring you back at a certain time and there is one to ricks where shopping is first. Its been a year since I have been there they might have changed it. I love Ricks. We always go at least once when we are there. Drinks are $$ though there so, we sip our beers and have 1$s to tip the divers

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    Rick's is not included at CSA. I believe it's 15$ for the shuttle. The cat cruise takes you in front of Rick's to look at but you aren't allowed to get off the boat and go to it.


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    It was $15/person to go from CSA. We booked through the tour desk. There wasn't a cover and the Redstripe was around $4 each. Have fun!
    Melissa & Anthony

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    Does the shuttle wait on you or is there a certain time they come back? Is there food there?

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