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    Default Which room should we NOT get

    Going to Couples, Negril in July for our Honeymoon

    we understand there is a AU natural section..which is great..but for us we are not into that at all.

    We dont want to book the garden deluxe because it does not have a minibar in the room..which we love

    We are stuck between Ocean or Beachfront Deluxe..which room is less likely to have a view of the AU natural beach.

    I read here we cannot request building rooms and what not..we really dont want to wake up in the morning and look out and see nudes..i dont have a problem with the AU section..its just not my cup of tea

    Please advise. We really love Couples, Negril, and dont want to change resorts

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    All rooms at Couples Negril have minibars....


    Couples Resorts

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    Like Randy said, ALL rooms have mini bars, so if you want to go with the garden room, I would say go for it. You can't request ahead of time, but if you get there and find you are in building 9, which is the only one that overlooks the AN area, ask if you can be moved. I think most of the garden rooms are on the other side of the resort anyway. ANY room at CN is wonderful!

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    on the website for couples does not say for the garden deluxe that it comes with a mini bar

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    only a few rooms on the 3rd floor of one end of Building 9 would overlook the a/n section and you would probably have to stand on a chair to see anything from a 2nd floor room

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    Building 9 is the building next to the AN area. I'm sure once you check in and IF you happen to get that building you could politely ask for a different building and they'd happily oblige.

    Enjoy our honeymoon!!! You will have a lovely time.

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    We stayed in the garden deluxe (lowest room catagory) maybe we got lucky but we LOVED it and the location, we were over on the other side of the resort from the nude beach, really close to everything and our view was beautiful gardens and ponds from our patio. It did have a mini bar, which we took full advantage of :-)

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    I'd suggest not getting a room at the S resort, R resort, B resort. Otherwise any room at Couples will be perfect.
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    Couples does not do building requests, but on check in if you say no AN view, they will work with you. No worry's
    Irie Mon

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    If I recall correctly, Building 9 has a view of the AU beach -- well, some rooms do, not all -- the ones closest to the beach are closest to the AU beach. If that's what you're given when you check in, ask to be moved. Unless they are 100% full, it shouldn't be an issue. The rest of the buildings don't overlook the AU beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    All rooms at Couples Negril have minibars....
    problem solved - you can book a gardenview! No risk of seeing any nudity (except for lizards, maybe), and if you keep your drapes closed and the lights off you won't even see your own! LOL
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    None of the rooms at CN look directly on the nude beach...only three of the suites do. You can see the nude beach from some of the beachfront rooms on floors 2 and 3 of building 6, but it's so far away that you won't even notice that the people there are nude. You do have a good view of the regular beach, the ocean and much garden area from these rooms too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honeymoon View Post
    on the website for couples does not say for the garden deluxe that it comes with a mini bar
    I just looked and it definately says minibar. Read it again.

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    I checked...actually the room description for a deluxe garden DOES state that a mini bar is included.

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    I would recommend the garden view. Last year we stayed in a oceanfront room, and could only see the beach when were out on the patio looking toward the beach. The buildings don't face the beach.

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    Do not get a room at another resort. Other than that, you can't go wrong.
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