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    Default Must Do's at CSA

    Other than laying on the beach what is your Must Do at Swept Away? Must have drink or dish, activity whatever. My husband and I are going for our 1st visit to Couples in May and are so excited! We went to Negril in 09 but only had 4 days and spent one of them on an excursion this time we are staying a full week and plan on spending lots of time exploring the resort.

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    Banana-stuffed french toast at Patois!!! Private dinner on the beach!

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    Default Must do @ Couples

    1. Champagne at sunset
    2. Have a martini @ the martini bar
    3. Walk beach at sunrise and get seashells
    4. Drinks at swim-up bar
    5. Banana-stuffed french toast @ Patios
    6. Eat @ Lemongrass and Feathers
    7. Drink coconut water
    8. Flag service on the Beach
    9. Build a sandcastle
    10. Sangria @ Patios @ lunch(only offer it at lunch)
    11. Write down special employee's names
    12. Find the Swept Away Bones
    13. Relax and enjoy!!!!

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    Do the cat cruise for sure, drink lots of hummingbirds, and take a cab to world famous Rick's Cafe for s couple of drinks and a sunset.

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    If you like Bloody Mary's definately try one of those. I think they put jerk sauce in the mix. They are fantastic! Also make sure you do the catamaran cruise and the glass bottom boat tour. Lots of fun. As for food it was all spectacular, but make sure to try the snapper tacos at Sea Grapes, and the beef patties at the Cabana Grill.

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    Our favorite thing to do is take an afternoon and walk the beach as far as we possibly can before we must turn around and return to the resort. Be sure and have a few bucks with you to buy a beer or some jerk chicken along the way. There are also some vendors along the way and you might find something you can't live without! LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Tennis lesson with Hopeton. And it's included!

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    MMMM! The Banana Stuffed French Toast is definitely on my list! Still up in the air over the private dinner. I would love it but the menus seem a little complex for my picky eater husband. Lol will they customize it for you?

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    We really enjoy the water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. The dive team there is awesome. They are a great group of guys to talk to and spend time with. We also love the onion rings at the Cabana Grill. I love the regular french toast at the Palms and really that whole breakfast buffet. Breakfast there is the best meal. We are not even breakfast or morning people but we would wake up early for that!

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    Night snorkeling and everything at Sea Grapes

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    How far can you walk down the beach, this was one of the main reasons I chose negril, that is one of our favorite things to do on vacation.

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    The sweet potato chips are delicious! I'm not big on sweet potatoes but I loved these chips at CSA!

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    Redblueku: WHAT BONES???? Where?? lol

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    Default Reservations

    When you first check in ask about the restaurants and activities that require reservations and book them. Make sure that you go snorkeling early in your stay because you will want to do it again. They have 3 snorkeling sites but try to get to "Mexico" as we enjoyed it the most. The catamaran trip down the coast was fun with rum punch onboard and swimming into a shallow cave during a stop(yes, you can touch the bottom in the cave) and a slide on the boat. There is always the Appleton Rum Tour that can be booked at the resort or through private tour operators (check tripadvisor). The main thing I enjoy is taking the cushion from the lounge chair and using it for its other purpose which is a float out in the warm calm Caribbean waters. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

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    I second the plantain chips at sea grapes
    Erika & Sean

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    I'm excited to hear about the jerk sauce in the Bloody Marys...that's going to be my drink of choice on our next trip!

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    Thanks for all the replies so far! I love coconut water! Where can I get some? And what are the Swept Away Bones?

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    ~breakfast tray on your verandah
    ~early morning walk down the beach
    ~breakfast buffet at the palms,sit outside and anticipate the great day your going to have
    ~seagrapes for lunch.. fish tacos,snapper sandwich, sweet potatoe chips and dip,then spend some time at orgianl pool by the palms
    ~make a trip to the cliffs,maybe grab a cab to Ivans and have a snack and drink and do a little exploring of the cliffs, just be REAL careful walking, stay facing traffic and be ready to jump out of the way of
    ~at least "attempt" to spend some time at the sports complex.we swear every year we're going to go over there more... sand gravity and frozen drinks usually win
    ~stay on the beach for sunset, be sure to get your drink before the beach bar closes.try the bobsled frozen drink,
    ~ask for a table by the rail at lemongraass.. order the appetizer platter and if its in season the lobster curry
    ~Walk the paths at night. its really magical.. take your time ... maybe have a martini at the martini bar upstairs at the palms, watch a little of the entertainment going on at the palms,then take a slow walk to the aurora lounge, stopping to look at the stars. Its unbelievable how much brighter the stars are there.
    sigh... Im getting really homesick.. Is it June yet?

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    ...It's hot it's 3pm you have been in the sun all day, climb up into the Bambo Bar..the most under-rated bar on 7 mile's fort like and cools you off a very nice spot located on the "new section" side of the resort on the beach. This is a wonderful spot to have a pre-dinner drink and watch the sunset @ 6:15 then head to the Martini Bar above the palms and try the spicy peanuts in the hot chafing pan on the bar...very nice!

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    Sweet potato chips and the marlin dip at Patois. And, the banana stuffed french toast at Patois. Yummmmmm.

    Life is good

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    Default The night time explodes

    Ya mon: Head up to the Martini Bar above the Palms Restaurant and order up a Lychee or Chocolate Martini, Shoot a round of Pool on that floor, in the Pool Table area. Pig out at one of the several great restaurants. Then, and this is most important, head up to the Great House second level to the infamous Piano Bar. Find a seat around the Piano and drink in the talents of Mr. Ultimate Chocolate, AKA, ULTI. Meet friends and then stay out and move to the Dance floor to finish a fun filled night. Sleep a little later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinb668 View Post
    How far can you walk down the beach, this was one of the main reasons I chose negril, that is one of our favorite things to do on vacation.
    I think about three to four miles of easy walking. I recommend it, and I try to do it at least every other day while I'm there.

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    Default Our 1st time 2!!

    We are going in June 2011. Night snorkeling?? Now that sounds fun?? Do they offer that on any night of the week??
    Thanks everyone for sharing! This thread gave me some more ideas when we get there. But I think the most favorite thing to do will be sitting on the beach w/ a drink and my awesome husband by my side. Have fun and maybe we'll see some of you there All SMILES!!Have safe trips everyone!

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    Take a nap in the ocean on your float. Order foods you normally wouldn't to try new things. Walk down the beach and meet some interesting people.

    What are the bones?

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    What are the bones??

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