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    Default 8 More Sleeps Need You All to Fess Up

    Say a Canuk who deserves a week of sanity sleeps past 6 or 7 or 8 in the morning and Mrs Canuk who has also enjoyed another winter making sure that the skiing public has had a great time waunders down to the beach or the pool after enjoying a coffee on their deck / balcony a bit of breakfast n maybe another coffee or a ceaser what are their chances of finding a lounger. Every where else we have been it's up at 6:00 or when ever the pool crew has finished and dropping off a towel I am now beyond insanity. Please tell me things are different at CN Thanks mc

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    Things are different at CN. We have been to CN 4 times for a total of 6 weeks and have NEVER once had a problem finding two loungers and floaties to put on them. We spend a lot of time on the beach and have also never left our towels on our chairs when we go to lunch. Not nessisary at CN. We may not be able to find chairs in the loaction we want, but there are always empty chairs somewhere on the beach that we can move. And...there is plenty of room on the beach for all those chairs. You don't have to sit right next to someone. The beach at CN is huge.
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    Agree with Wally. We returned from 11 days when the resort was full, and never had a problem with finding chairs. The Towel Game seems to get played very little at CN.

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    Hi Wally - No, that game isn't played at CN. Was there this past Christmas (very busy time of year) and no need to be up a the crack of dawn to reserve a lounger. We have 7 more sleeps to go till we head out for CSA. Have a great vacation!

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    It sure would be nice if everyone was respectful and just took "the luck of the draw". I for one will not be putting a towel down. I will take what I get and be happy for it.

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    I had the same experience last year as CSA.
    If you want a cabana, you have to get up @6, but if you just want a lounger with a floatie, they were everywhere!

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    No Worries
    No problems finding two chairs together AT ALL!

    Life is good at CN......all the time

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    Last time at CN we did see the best chairs at the pool taken by towels and never saw anyone ever claim them. Luckily, we're beach people who like to get out there by nine, right after breakfast.

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    Default Chairs are plentiful

    We have been to CN in high and low seasons. We have never had a difficult time finding a beach chair. We usually rise between 8:30 & 9 and go have breakfast. Then find a chair around 10 on the beach and then go to the pool in the afternoon and we can always find a chair by the pool as well.

    It is wonderful and you can enjoy the leisurely pace!

    We have approx 90 days to go!

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    I was amazed by how quiet the pool at CN was on a morning. We had been to Dominican Republic and Cuba before our trip to CN in July 2009 and expected to have to reserve our lounger.

    Most mornings we found we were th first people laid by the pool, at around 9.30 - 10.00.

    We didnt have any problem at all!

    Have fun

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