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    Default Finally 29 days!

    Haven't been to CN since 07. Life has changed so much since the last time. Coming home 3/29 with what I hope is the future Mrs. Boomer49, really excited! She's never been before so I can't wait for her to get there, she's been reading the board and is really excited also. Her name is Laura anyone want welcome her and assure her of how great a time she's going to have?? Thanks gang!!

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    Is this a Boomer Sooner! I grew up in OK.

    Anyway, welcome Laura. You are going to have a BLAST! We love CN. It is so fun and social during the day and then sun goes down, the wonderful song of the tree frogs start, and the romance gets turned on full blast. It is wonderful.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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