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    Default Aloe at CN

    Hi all,
    Just wondering if aloe is included in the amenities at CN, or should I bring my own. Last Nov., there was none in the rooms at CSS.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kgrace View Post
    ...Just wondering if aloe is included in the amenities at CN...
    They did in the past, but not anymore. There was none in Feb 2011.

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    It is included.

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    Alas and sadly to say, there was none in the room just 31 days ago. I believe they have quit providing that wonderful lotion.

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    We had aloe at CSA two weeks it being discontinued as a Couples amenity?

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    Just left CN yesterday, and there was none.


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    I developed a bad rash from the sun. One of the grounds workers cut a piece of aloe plant from a tree for me to use. It was wonderful. Desparate times can call for desparate measures.

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    Randymon, can you comment on this? We are coming to CSA and were planning on lightening the luggage by leaving the aloe at home and using what was provided in the rooms.

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    ok, better to be safe than sorry, I'll put some in my bag.

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    Oh no, please say it isn't so! We love that stuff and return in 85 days!

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    There wasn't any there a couple weeks ago when I was there but one of the first things we do when we arrive is head over to the little store next to Otehite (sp?) and grab a tub of the Cocoa Butter cream - LUV it! Nice big tub for only $6 US. They also have the hand lotion which is a little thinner. The cream is a little greasy at first but sinks in pretty quickly and keeps my tan nice. I think it makes my tan last longer too but could just be my imagination... We also grab another tub of it before we leave to bring back with us! No worries! 343 days to go...

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    Default Little store

    ok, we've never been to CN, so is the little store next to Otehite a gift shop? Is it on the Couples property.


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    The 'little store' is under the stairs between Otaheite and Cassava right beside the bathrooms. It is a sundries shop.
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