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    Default Neat Ideas For Wedding Day

    Trying to brainstorm on ideas of things IO can do to make my day super special. It will be just us too. Share your ideas, is there anything special you are doing just to make it that extra special.........

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    From what I'm hearing, Couples goes all out for you to make the day all you dreamed it would be

    We plan to treat ourselves to the private dinner on the beach on our last night at the resort.

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    I'm hoping to buy h-t-b a flip cam or camcorder before our wedding (New Year's Eve)... that way we can tape little messages for eachother to watch once we get home as a married couple. Will also come in handy for sightseeing etc. I'm sure lots of people do this, but since we don't have a camcorder and since we'll be alone for our wedding, I think it'll add a nice touch for us.

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    I'm considering doing the same.. We don't have a camcorder and although we're hiring a private photographer. I doubt we'll hire anyone to record... so we'll still get to have the ceremony on tape

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