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Thread: Feb 2012

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    Only 1 month until we're there on 2/13! Counting down the days. Anyone else going to be there 2/13-2/18?

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    My husband and I will be at CSA from 2/10-2/19 for our 5th year in a row. We will be spending a few days in Clearwater Beach Florida prior to our arrival at CSA! We can't wait to come home!

    Maine girl

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    ya mon kgillespie, make sure you say hi to ray bell for us

    one love waynef

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    Not long now ................ arriving February 4th for our 3rd Couples stay in the past 13 months. 1st stay was at CN ........... this will be our 2nd at CSA. 5 more sleeps!!!
    12/2010 CN
    04/2011 CSA
    02/2012 CSA
    12/2013 CB
    12/2014 CSA

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    We will be back for second visit to CSA on Feb 10-15. Celebrating 35th anniversary, husband's birthday, and Valentine's Day. Only three more days till we arrive!

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    wife and i will be there from 2-11 thru 2-18. will see u all there.

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    we are going to be there from 2-11 thru 2-18 2012. from new york state and cant wait to leave the cold and snow. hope we can mmet up and have a coupl of drinks together.

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    Default Feb 10-15

    We leave in two days for the warm welcome home from CSA!! Can't want to bask in the sun.
    Looking forward to being there again. Will be ready for drinks at Manager's Reception.

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    we will be there. the smiths from new york. see ya at the pool bar.

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    Sitting at the airport waiting... will be on the beach tomorrow afternoon. 24 hours to get there but will be well worth it!!!

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    Feb 23-Mar 1. Our first time to CSA. Looking forward to meeting new people!

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    Anyone here arriving the 23rd?

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    We'll be there on the 26th, can't wait! Ken and Annika, Damascus MD

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    We're arriving on the 26th. We'll warm up the beach for you! Ken and Annika, Damascus, MD

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    We're coming on the 26th and can't wait! Maybe we'll see you on the courts. Ken and Annika, Damascus, MD

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