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    Hi We are coming from the U.K on May 22nd for our Honeymoon and my 50th, ( I have posted this on another thread) We are staying at San Souci and we are really worried, Firstly can anyone please let me know what is the " normal " evening attire /dress code for dining, Dave has bought some dress chinos but worried about footwear and tops, Is it quite formal as in shirts & ties, Now onto me,Can it be colourful maxi dresses, or does it need to be formal cocktail dresses, are linen trousers acceptable,I am worried sick we will bring the wrong clothing. I take it during the day anything goes... or not as the case will be on the Au Naturel which we are definatly going to try even though we maybe lying on our fronts most of the time, you know us shy & reserved Brits ha ha ha .... Now our next question is currency, What is the exchange rate for Jamacian Dollars to G.B Pounds please. Are most things priced in Jamacian Dollars or do we need U.S Dollars. We are so looking forward to coming over for our special time and we want it to be just right and I'm sure it will be. And I cant wait to make new and wonderful freinds while we are there. Many Thanks and we will see you all In May. Bring it on
    Elma & Dave , Chesterfield U.K xxxxxxx
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    Don't bring any formal clothes. No ties or jackets for the guys.

    Daytime attire for breakfast and lunch is almost anything except wet swimming suits. Coverups are recomended for the ladies and shirts for the men (T-shirts are fine).

    Men's evening attire for all but the reservations restaurants is shorts, collared shirts and sandals. For women, it's the same or casual dresses. Remember that even in the evenings it is hot there. The restaurants are air conditioned though and that can get quite chilly.

    For the reservation restaurands (in the evening) the men must wear long pants and close toed shoes with a collared shirt. For women, it's pretty open with the exception of beachwear and rubber flip-flops.

    US currency is the prefered type, but remember the resort is cashless, so you will need a credit card (or debit card, but I wouldn't recommend using a debit card in Jamaica). If you buy from the local vedors or go on the shopping trip or excursions off the resort, you will need US$. And get small bills because you may get your change in Jamaican (even at the airport).
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    NO jackets or ties, unless you want. Pants, collar shirts , and close toed shoes for men. You donít need a cocktail dress unless you want. A maxi dress would be fine and any type of shoe you want as long as it not a pair of flip flops. Wear what you would wear to a nice romantic dinner at home. During the day all you need is a swim suit and a cover up. Or no swim suit if your on the A/N Beach.

    Not sure about money, I know they take U.S. dollars.

    Congrates on the wedding and happy birthday to you, your going to love Couples.

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    Elma - chinos, a short sleeved shirt and deck shoes will be fine for Dave. A shirt and tie would be over the top. No need for a cocktail dress for you, a maxi or a summer dress will be perfect so will linen trousers with a nice top. The beach party is very casual - shorts and a tee shirt, or a casual dress. Dont bother with Jamaican dollars, we always take US$, the shop at the resort is priced in them as are off resort excursions and everyone outside will accept them. Take small bills though because many people wont have change. You will also need one dollar per bag to tip the handlers at the airport and we usually give the driver $10 if the drive has been comportable. We have been to CSS (and all the other Couples Resorts!) and loved it. You will have a great time.

    Dawn and Roger (East Sussex)

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    Hey all Thank you so very much for all the great advice on clothes and money...Phew I can relax now, I was thinking I was going to have to do a mad clothes shop before I came over. Is there anywhere there or ouside where you can buy funky maxi dresses suitable for night or anything like that. I am soooooo loking forward to coming over and yes I will try the au natural beach.... When in Rome as they say.. Or When In Jamacia.... Anyway Thank you all again, and I hope we can get a prty started on June 2nd for my 50th.
    Lots Love
    Elma & Dave xxxxxx

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    From the FAQs:

    What is the dress code?

    During the day normal summer and swimwear attire is appropriate.

    Beach Grill:
    Swimwear is permitted.

    Breakfast and Lunch:
    Swimwear must be dry and covered. No bare feet. Shorts / t-shirts / flip-flops are most common.

    Gourmet restaurants and repeat guest dinners: Summer or cocktail dress and sandals, or skirt and nice top for women. Dress pants, khakis, shirts with sleeves and collar and dress shoes for men. Jacket not required. (Elegant dress sandals are allowed). Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops are not permitted.

    Other restaurants:
    Resort Casual - shorts with a nice shirt/blouse and sandals are allowed.
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    i'm glad that pamela responded showing that elegant dress sandals are allowed for dinner. i was planning on getting some new shoes to bring for dinner, my normal dress shoes are big and heavy (size 13 and all), but my wife brought home some new mostly closed toe leather sandals that are very nice. she said there is nothing on the website that specifically says "closed-toe" any more, just no flip-flops. i didn't want to be "that guy" so i was a little nervous, but would definitely prefer to wear these than the shoes i would otherwise have bought. now i can relax. 36 more days...

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    Downstairs at the gift shop there were a lot of cute funky dresses... careful though it is easy to spend like crazy when it is all getting charged back to your room...

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandonesha View Post
    . . . she said there is nothing on the website that specifically says "closed-toe" any more . . . .
    This is one of those odd items of misinformation that was somehow adopted and perpetuated over and over on this MB. The requirement was never closed-toe shoes. It was closed shoes.
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    Hi bigle, My wife and I stayed at CSS for two weeks last November. It was amazing! We are so hanging out to go back and spend another two weeks at Sunset Beach.. ;-)

    Please feel free to p.m. us, as Brits we get the need to know a lot as it is a long way to go to get it wrong! You are going to love the whole Couples thing. We visited CTI for a few hours and if truth be told we preferred CSS (by a long way) although this is a very personal view, others will disagree.

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    Default Thanks

    Hi Johnniem. Thanks for you message. We are really stumped as what to wear, Not so much for Dave he has some shirts, chinos and loafers, but I am struggling,
    Do you need to get dressed up everynight, I mean like dresses, skirts, or are there any casual resturants as well.Did you other half have a suitcase of stuff. is there anywhere to buy stuff, can you venture out on your own to Ocho Rios. What dont we do. So many questions so little time
    Will await your reply. Glad to hear we are going to a good resort too xxxxx

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    The don't would be....don't buy liquor until the duty free shops at the airport...

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    More good info to help you decide!
    Congrats! You will love CSS...hubby & I were there last year for our 16th anniv...we had a penthouse will not be disappointed...enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigel View Post
    We are really stumped as what to wear, Not so much for Dave he has some shirts, chinos and loafers, but I am struggling,
    Do you need to get dressed up everynight, I mean like dresses, skirts, or are there any casual resturants as well.Did you other half have a suitcase of stuff. is there anywhere to buy stuff, can you venture out on your own to Ocho Rios. What dont we do.
    No need to worry about evening wear. If you dine at Bella Vista you can wear nice shorts and a cute top. The night of the Beach Party (Tuesday) you can also wear shorts and a cute top. The night of the Gala (Friday) you will want to wear a somewhat dressy sundress. At the other restaurants a sundress is fine no need for a cocktail dress or anything like that. If you prefer light weight pant suits, those are also fine. We go for 10 days and I usually take 4 sundresses and just mix it up. No need for a different outfit for each night. You are only in your evening clothes for a few hours and it is perfectly fine to wear them again.

    When packing you should take two suitcases. Mix your clothes between the two. That way if one of the suitcases gets lost in transit you will still have some clothes until your suitcase catches up with you. Be sure to pack your swimsuit in your carry-on luggage along with any meds and valuables. If by chance your luggage doesn't arrive with you the resort does have an emergency kit, but I still pack my toothbrush in my carry-on. I'm just a little weird like that. Remember to also have a black or blue pen with you on the plane so you can fill our the immigration/customs forms.

    As for going into Ocho Rios, the front desk can grab you a cab for you. Be sure to negotiate the price before getting into the taxi. The cab driver can take you around town and/or drop you off somewhere and let you wander. He will arrange a time to come pick you up.

    If it is shopping you are looking to do, there is a shopping shuttle that leaves from the resort a couple times during the week and it is included with your stay.

    As for 'must do' while at the resort, our favorite thing to do at CSS is to take an afternoon and explore the grounds. We start at AN beach and take a dip in the ocean, a soak in the hot tub, a dip in the pool and then grab a drink from the bar. We walk over to the lake and grab a couple bikes and go for a ride around the lake. Then we head over to the swim up bar/pool and take a dip in the pool and grab a drink from the bar. Then we head out to the ocean and take a swim there. After the ocean we go to the hot tub by the pool and take a soak. Then we stop by the beach bar and grab a drink and head to the grotto where we put our toes in and let the little fishes nibble on them. We then walk over to the mineral pool and take a refreshing dip in there. Head down the stairs to the waterfall and stick our toes in the ocean. Head back up to the mineral pool and get a fruit smoothie and then get in the 'jungle' hot tub. Soak for a bit and then take the winding stairs back up toward the lobby and take a dip in the pool there. We end our adventure with a drink at the balloon bar and then head back to the AN beach. It makes for a fun afternoon and a great way to see the resort.

    Also, relax you are going to be fine. There is a little shop with clothes and sundries in case you forget anything or feel you didn't quite pack right.

    BTW ~ I'm jealous. We're in a tight financial situation right now and I'm not sure when we will be able to go back.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    OMG that sounds like heaven!

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