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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is the only time of the year the Couples usually offers resort credit for bookings. I haven't been able to 100% confirm the dates I can travel in 2012 yet but I saw that the offer ends tomorrow so I was milling over whether I should just book it now and cancel it later if I need to. (I believe that I read that I would get my $400 dollars back but lose the resort credit if I need to change dates, please correct me if I'm wrong) Also, are the prices likely to change after the 31st? Thanks

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    Hard to say. I would not count on the credit coming back but last year they said it was expiring on a certain day and then extended it. Some people have also said that they changed their dates and kept the credit but we were told that this is not possible when we were booking.

    generally, the rates will only go up after the promotion ends and when they say the credit is only during this promotion they are not kidding. They do not offer a credit on other promotions but it is possible that they could extend this one. I would not bank on it though. Every once in a while there is a credit on a Wednesday Special but the rates will be higher and it will likely only be on certain rooms or resorts.

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    Resort credits are usually an incentive to book early. On the 31st the rates may not change but expect the credit bonus to end.

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