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    Default Christmas in CTI

    Who else is going to be at CTI for Christmas?? We're so excited- 2nd visit. Does anyone know if anything special goes on during Christmas?

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    WE'll be there too - look forward to meeting you!

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    We will be there as well!

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    I cant wait.... it's almost time to leave for Jamaica. Is anyone else having a hard time concentrating at work?! I can't wait to be on the sandy beach with a drink in hand. I cant think of a better way to spend Christmas!!

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    I'm told the Restaurants are open as usual on Christmas night. Not sure if they have special menu's.

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    I heard rumors that Santa comes to visit and they have steel band playing Christmas music. Im sure whatever goes on will be amazing, just curious.

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    My brain is in full vacation mode. I'm typing this at my desk I'm just ready to be out of here and in warm tropical weather!

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    The countdown is on.... 4 more sleeps until we leave for CTI. I dont think I've been this excited for Christmas since I was a kid. Anyone else!?

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    Us too - meet you in a few days!

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