WOW! What can I say! We wanted for nothing!!!! The pictures on the site do not do the resort justice. It is much nicer than we anticipated. From the moment we arrived in the lobby there was a sense of relaxation that did not go away until we got to the USA again! At the airport we had time to get a drink, go to the bathroom, and the shuttle was there. In a little over an hour and a pretty and interesting drive, we arrived at the resort. We were quickly greeted by the staff, our luggage taken, cool wet wash cloths given to us along with champagne. Shortly thereafter we were escorted to our room which was a pleasant surprise. The room was a deluxe beachfront in bldg 6 which was perfect...view of the ocean, the garden, the wedding area and sunset. The room had a "beachy" feeling to it, and was much nicer than I expected (I often stay in very nice hotels for business and was not disappointed). The bed was very comfortable and the room overall was much prettier than it looked in the pictures. The beach sand was whiter than it appeared in the pictures and very soft. The water was much prettier than in the pictures as well. One can walk very far out without going up to your chest in the water. The sand was soft, and very few shells if any to be found. The other guests and the staff were all great. We spent a lot of time on the AN beach (our first ever!) and never felt uncomfortable in any way. If you want to be left alone you will be, and if you want to meet other couples you can do that too. The resort has so many inclusions and activities that if you choose to be busy all the time, some of the time, or none of the time it is up to you. The food was all very good, as well as the drinks. We've stayed at Dreams resorts and found the food presentation to be better, but who cares about's all how it tastes! There was never a wait for anything which is one of the benefits of staying at a small resort. We ran on the beach most mornings and went to the gym as well. The gym has all the equipment you need whether you want cardio or strength. There were yoga classes, water aerobics, etc. as well. We reviewed the website to get tips on what to bring and not to bring. The best thing we brought were the coozies and an extension cord! There is no plug in the bathroom so the closest plug to the bathroom is about 12 to 15 feet. Like many others, we brought too many clothes. It is true that you live in your bathing suit all day, whatever you wear to dinner,and whatever you would wear for any excursions you take. I thought all of my clothes were dry when I packed them to come home, but when I unpacked realized that they were all slightly moist....recommend you unpack when you get home or shortly thereafter. Many have commented on sand flees. We brought deet wipes but never used them. The only time I ever felt any bites was one evening when we went down to the beach after dark and layed on a couple of the lounge chairs. Even then, they were not bad.