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Thread: Wine choices?

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    Default Wine choices?

    So this may be silly but I only drink one type of wine...Moscato. Does anyone know if CSA serves this type and if not, can I bring my own. I don't want to be disrespectful or bring it if it will be looked down upon. Thanks!

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    They have the more common wines, but they do have other sweet wines that might work for you. I think they might have some Rieslings. But you can also bring your own and they will uncork it for you and gladly serve it to you.

    I should clarify that I am talking about wines that can be purchased. I know that they do not have any sweet wines that are included in the price of your stay.
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    Not sure, you can being a bottle, never heard you can't. I was thinking about doing the same as I love a wine made here in WI called big red stuff. Just make sure you pack it well, safe and secure so it doesn't break.
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    I just left Monday :-( and I don't think so, unless they have it on the list of wines you can buy. I'm pretty sure that the "included" wines are only a rose, a chardonnay and a cab. (And sorry, none of them very good, IMHO, and I'm a confirmed "cheap wine drinker").

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    I'm pretty sure your adorable sister-in-law to be...will be able to find great drink alternatives with you. A dirty banana perhaps?!? Or we can always stick with champagne!!!! (Just keep in mind, my wedding dress still needs to fit) Love you and can't wait to spend a week in paradise!

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    Default Counting down the days!

    So true! A dirty banana sounds great! I don't think you will need to worry about that dress fitting because I am sure you will be staying "active" for the days preceding that fabulous wedding day! Can't wait either!

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