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    Default How busy is August??

    We just booked our Couples trip in the middle of August. 4 nights CCS, 7 nights CN, and I was just wondering if the resort will be full or barely anyone. How popular is the summer, and typically does it rain a lot in August, not counting a hurricane?

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    We were there last year from 8/16 - 8/24. We were there long enough that we saw the occupancy change during our stay, but generally it felt really quiet. It came up during a conversation with one CN employee, who told us they were at about 40% occupancy. We've also been to CN in May when it was obviously busier and by no means did it feel full or crowded. You're going to have a wonderful time whether CN is at 40% or 100% occupancy. Enjoy!

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    We always travel in August. This year we are spending 3 days at CSS, arriving on July 27th and then spending 7 nights at CN. Last year we were at CN in the middle of August. While not packed, we never felt crowded, but there were always people around if we wanted to have conversations or join others. It does rain in the afternoons for about an hour or so, but that is all. Actually the rain is a relief and brings you in from the beach for a little while. Perfect time to have an afternoon nap.

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    Should not be very busy but not dead either, we were there late July last year it was a good time many other nice visitors along with us and we had a blast.

    Rain- Yes expect an afternoon shower, sometimes around 1 or 2 PM, we would have lunch around that time and if the shower didn't stop we either went to the pool bar for awhile or just walked the beach in the shower, hey you are in your swimsuit so getting wet is not an issue. Also usually the hot tub at the AN beach was empty or maybe one other couple during a shower so we would go there with a cup of champagne and relax in the warm water!!!!!

    We are returning this August from the 8th to the 18th.

    Doc & Spike

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    I was just wondering if maybe the locals or the Europeans booked into these hotels during the summer and it was at full capacity; not that it matters at all, just curious. We went to St. Martin in the summer and just loved it. I like the fact that I have something to look forward to in the summer, and it will not be too dead, or too full.

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    We stayed at CSA in mid-August 2010 and had a chance to eat with the general manager at the repeaters dinner (lost his name, but a very nice fella!). He said that occupancy at that time was 50-60%. We have traveled in more peak periods (Feb), but enjoyed the August trip the most because of the low occupancy. There was never a problem getting seat at a bar or a reservation at Feathers. The weather was a bit warmer and there was a rain shower about every day, but it was all good. And given the lower rates this time of year, I would not hesitate staying during August.

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    Yes lower rates can equal longer stay!!

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    Learning lots about vacationing in August. Sounds like a winner

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    We were at did a split CSA/CSS the last week of August 2007. Then CSA/CN the last week of August 2008. CN same week in 2009, 2010 was CTI and August 20-27 2011 back to CN. Long story short we have stayed at all 4 Couples resorts the last week of August and there is a short afternoon shower on some days but the weather is very warm and beautiful. The resorts never seem crowded.

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