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    We are thinking about doing an at home reception.....r u supposed to wear your wedding dress? Or is that silly? Any ideas would be appreciated! Im totally confused and don't know where to start....Wedding in July 26, 2011 at CSA

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    I think that depends on what type of reception you are having. If you are having a formal one I say go for it. We are having a small BBQ type reception so I would look out of place with my dress on.

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    I'm not sure about protocol, but Jamie wore her dress when we had our friends/family reception at home. We rented out a portion of a restaurant, ordered a cake, lined up some light fare, and partied for a few hours.

    The family was thrilled to have an option to see us as newlyweds that didn't involve a plane ride.

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. This is not a silly question as you're trying to have not only a great weddingmoon but a wonderful reception.

    We were married at CSS 3 years ago and did a reception with family and friends once we got home. We wore our wedding attire, showed pictures in a slide show format and played our wedding DVD for them. Our at home reception was in festive Jamaican style with lots of color, flowers, reggae music. We included fruits into our food selection and found a punch recipe that used tropical (blue) Hawaiian Punch to make things colorful.

    We tried to bring a little bit of Jamaica back with us and include it into our reception. The thing we heard most from guests was that our reception was more like a beach party than a reception as everybody had fun.

    Hope this helps. We're sure your wedding and reception will be fabulous!

    Bart & Bug

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    I am wearing my wedding dress to my reception back home...

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    I'm thinking I will wear my wedding dress at our at home reception. We where thinking to start off wearing what we wore during the ceremony and do a sand ceremony at the reception, then later change into something else.

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    Since my family wasn't with us when we got married, they insisted that I wear the dress to the reception. Ours was a rather informal reception in my sister's home. I wore it at the beginning and then changed into a nice strapless sundress for the latter part of the party!

    Have a great time and ENJOY!!

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    I am also wearing my wedding dress back home! But we are also "renewing" our vows when we get home since our parents are not able to make it to Jamaica with us.
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    I agree with the previous posters. If you are having a formal reception, then why not wear your dress again. Not a silly question at all.

    We're having a dinner party celebration when we get back at a nice restaurant, but it won't be formal at all. We'll be dressed up, but not in wedding attire.

    Good luck!

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    we are have a reception when we get home and although the guest are not expected to dress "up" as much as a traditional reception we are do the "traditional" reception activities and our family will not be with us in Jamaica so we are wearing our attire and showing the DVD and slid show.
    Its still your day so if you want to wear it one more time I say go for it!

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