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    Default CSA Garden Verandah Suite

    I will be staying at CSA in August. We got a Garden Verandah room. I was just curious for those of you that stayed in this room how did you like it? I really like the looks of the Atrium online however I need my TV at night. I really didn't want to pay extra money just to be closer to the ocean because with all that food I could use the extra steps! My concern with the room is bathroom? Does anyone out there have any pictures of the bathroom? I notice on the site here it says Shower/Bath Combo or just a shower. If you get a room with just a shower is it nicer then the bath/shower combo? Any pictures would be appreciated! Counting down the days!!


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    We stayed in both the garden veranda suite and atrium suite in the older section of CSA. The bathrooms were identical, with just a walk in shower. For us, we loved the walk in shower. Its just one continuous floor with a drain and a shower curtain. We saw a room with the tub/shower combo, and for us we liked the shower only better, as I would not take a bath in a small tub like that anyway. The bathrooms are simple but nice. Sorry I have no pic.

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    We've stayed in the GVS before and we've enjoyed that category. The bathrooms are very nice. Only 1 sink, but decent counter space and actually pretty good lighting above the mirror. The shower set up is a large bath tub and shower combo with a very good sized shelf area at the back of the tub - probably a foot or foot and a half wide which can accommodate all kinds of bath products. Very clean, and the walls go all the way to the ceiling (in the 2nd floor Atrium and BFS rooms the bathroom wall doesn't reach the ceiling, as the ceilings are vaulted).

    We haven't stayed in the GVS on the old side (this used to be called a Garden Suite, but the rooms were upgraded to the GVS category). I'd imagine that these may have just a shower. If this is the case, we actually liked this more - it's a step-in shower and is generally quite large.

    You'll enjoy having the TV - we always really liked watching TV at 6:30PM - that's when they had the Jamaican version of High School Quiz, except it was geared toward grade school Jamaican kids, and it was just so adorable! We now gravitate toward the old side (quieter for us), but we miss watching Jamaican TV - its a great way to learn a little bit about the country....

    And BTW, depending on what room you pull, you could have a nice view of the ocean!

    I hope you love CSA as much as we do - it's a great place to go and relax and reconnect. Have a great vacay!!

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    Default Yeah Mon!

    Listen, I just returned from CSA. I stayed in a GVS and LOVED IT. In my opinion it is better than the atrium which I was also concerned about. Truly there are NO bad rooms in this resort. Not kidding. I walked around assessing each different room category. I honestly liked the GVS best. The others are all nice but a little less private. The bathrooms are not fancy I was able to see both shower and tub/shower baths as we made friends with a couple who had the oppposite as us. Both are eaqually as nice. Neither are spectacular, but that is not why one chooses CSA. I will be posting a rave review soon with photos when I have a moment. Stay tuned.

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    The bathroom is pretty big. Large counter area. The tub/shower is standard width but a little longer than normal. No complaints from me. This is our room of choice too for the price and the privacy which you don't have closer to the beach. I don't mind the extra 30 seconds of walking to go to the beach.

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    Mark - the GVS with bath/shower combo are in the new section. Those in the original section have shower only and have just been refurbished. We've not stayed in them but have looked inside and the shower is the same as in the Atriums ie double length with zero entry and a shower curtain. IMHO I would take the original section over the new any day (so much quieter and more lush) but thats just me!

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    Thanks everyone! After reading all those reviews you have no idea how excited I am! One final question of the GVS, is the road noise really that bad? I have seen a lot of reviews about road noise? I live on a busy street with cars traveling through all night. I would be accustomed to that. Is there really people driving through beeping and holding horns all night? If so is it really that loud? Thanks everyone!


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    Greenieboy, everyone is different.It has never bothered us but maybe all the sun, fun and booze maybe helped. Some people say it's terrible but I dissagree.Keep your bathroom window closed and you shouldn't have a problem. We have had to shut the air off because it got too cold and just used the ceiling fan and we still didn't find it to be a problem. You will hear an occasional horn but if you live on a busy street you should be fine.
    Have a Blast

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    Default Road Noise


    As I mentioned I just returned from CSA and stayed in the GVS. There is some road noise that you will notice if you look for it, however, I live in a very rural no traffic area where I come from and am not used to ANY cars going by my home and had NO problems with noise. It all just blends into the sounds of birds, ocean waves and tropical breeze. Seriously, you have nothing to be concerned about. You will love it. In my opinion as far as the room categories go, GVS wins it. When people speak of the rooms being 50 steps away from the other categories they are not lying. In fact, with the exception of the beach front rooms, all others are generally in the same area. The map makes them look really far apart compared to reality. No worries about it. Just relax and your vacation will begin as soon as you hit the lounge and try your first Red Stripe beer. From there on out, you are taken care of. P.S. I even recommend the Red Stripe Lite - It's great!


    Sunny D

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